3D printing is popular in every sector

3D printing is popular in every sector

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There natural evolution of 2D printer begins to spread successfully. There 3D printer it is reaping the benefits of its popularity in several sectors. We have seen it in the pastry shop with the production of splendid biscuits with particular shapes, in the energy sector with renewable, in engineering with the construction of a robot with human features and in everyday practice, with the production of tools thanks to pre-packaged 3D printing projects to download online.

Today the 3D printer debuts in sports and does so with the snowboards. Most of the snowboard they are made of wood, resin and other plastic materials. Using the new technology of 3D printer the American study Signal has made unao snowboard with materials based on carbon dust.

The founder of Signal, Dave Lee, together with the engineer Jeb Ferria, created a project in CAD and after having finished the digital devices, he started the 3D printing. The result does not consist in a booklet of sheets of paper but in various components that once joined together have formed a Snowboard. The cartridges used for the print they were big blocks of coal dust.

How much it costs a 3D printer?
In recent years the price of 3D printers It fell apart.
On some crowd funding portals, they have been offered 3D printers highly innovative at a cost of less than 2,500 euros; but you don't have to spend that much for one 3D printer, of the simpler kits for the 3d printing they are also available for less than 1000 euros, an example is the “PLOTTER - 3D RAG / K” available on ebay Italy at 871 euros. The first models of 3D printer can be purchased for a sum of 300 euros.

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