The first Italian multiservice smart street

The first Italian multiservice smart street

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What lights up in via della Spiga in Milan, in the heart of the fashion district, is a urban lighting system with led projectors which, combined with remote control and the potential of the Internet, will allow not only to obtain high levels of energy efficiency - over 70% energy savings, but also to activate services for Italian and foreign citizens and visitors in the area. The initiative is called Spiga Smart Street and it has already become a before smart street Italian multiservice.

Light but not only light. At the base of Spiga Smart Street there is a smart platform, let's call it 'intelligent', which allows you to transform the electricity network and existing broadband connectivity into a high-speed communication network, to better illuminate the city, eliminate waste, monitor energy, water and gas consumption, recharge electric cars and bikes, guarantee connectivity, connect video cameras and luminous displays, monitor the territory and raise the level of security.

Heart of Spiga Smart Street it's a smart platform made with urban Led projectors by Cariboni Group and with conveyed wave technology Minos System of Umpi; a platform that combines the optimized management of the new LED street lighting system, the activation of the ultra-fast internet network and the free urban wi-fi of Fastweb, energy saving and value-added services for citizens, with the installation, thanks to the support of Samsung, of a touch screen multimedia totem.

Spiga Smart Street It kicks off Tuesday 9 April (inauguration at 18 from Tiffany & Co) on the occasion of the opening of out of Salone del Mobile promoted byAssociation of via della Spiga with the patronage of the municipality of Milan - Department of Commerce, Productive Activities, Tourism, Territorial Marketing - with the support of innovative and technological private companies. The main sponsor of the initiative is Fastweb; official sponsors Cariboni Group, Samsung, Umpi; event sponsor IMQ - Italian Institute of Quality Mark, Blachere Italy, Renault Italy.

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