Vote for your water and win 3 iPads!

Vote for your water and win 3 iPads!

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The I.E.S.K., a German research institute for social sciences, launches a poll having as theme "the supply and quality of drinking water”And to get a large number of responses is giving away to all participants3 iPads and 50 Amazon vouchers each having a value of 20 Euros.

The survey aims to investigate the level of satisfaction with drinking water in 31 European countries.

The survey is available in Italian and takes about 10 minutes to answer all the questions carefully. The data collected will be used EXCLUSIVELY for the purposes of research and for participation in the draw of the prizes up for grabs.

Here is the link to the survey to fill out online to help the I.E.S.K. in his important research and to compete in the prize draw.

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