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Tecorep, energy from construction in Japan

Tecorep, energy from construction in Japan

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Tecorep it is a system capable of producing power from the demolition of buildings. It was applied for the first time in Japan and was patented by the Japanese Taisei Corporation. The first building to be demolished with the system Tecorep it was the Grand Prince Hotel Akasak, a 140-meter structure!

The system Tecorep He is able to reduce harmful emissions, dust, cut noise pollution by 85 percent and produce at the same time electricity. Patented technology such as Ecological Reproduction System (Trecorep) it has nothing to do with i demolition systems widely used in the construction industry, it is much more sustainable and can produce electric energy.

The system uses a crane which, by removing the building floor by floor, from top to bottom, breaks down the entire structure, operating strictly to low consumption. The crane used is rather particular, it is an internal crane that first removes the floor, after all the structural elements, the beams and the pillars. Each disassembled component is transported to the ground and, through this movement that goes from top to bottom, yes generates electricity useful to meet the needs of the other operations planned for demolition of the building.

The first phase of the demolition of the Gran Price Hotel Akasak, saw the dismantling of the upper 30 meters (from 140 meters up to 110 meters). According to estimates, in this phase alone, harmful emissions have been reduced by up to 85 percent. The project leader is Taisei Hideki Ichihara, who in an interview states: "It is a bit like having a dismantling factory on top of the building by placing a large hat which reduces construction time by time".

The process also reduces thenoise pollution decreasing from 17 to 23 decibels. The formation of demolition dust is almost completely eliminated (by 90 percent) because the works are carried out with the crane that penetrates inside the building and, in addition, useful energy is produced to carry out the activities of demolition.

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