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The awakening of houseplants

The awakening of houseplants

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After 3 or 4 months of life in closed environments with high temperature, and lack of humidity and oxygen, for the indoor plants the time has come to get some fresh air. So, if the outside temperature allows it, it's time to reopen the windows and encourage the circulation of sap and vegetative restart.

In this period it is also advisable to move the soil of the pots to break the crust that has formed on the surface, spray the plants every day and water a little more frequently to keep the soil always fresh. It is also now to fertilize (with organic fertilizer) and sprinkle the foliage weekly with water and possibly specific fertilizer (also organic).

On the balcony and terrace, if the temperature permits, it is possible to hoe the earth from the pots and start with the first waterings. It is also time to prepare the containers for sowing or planting the species that will flower in the summer.

They should be pruned as soon as flowering stops, i flowering bushes that emit corollas in this period (forsythia, quince of Japan, plum blossom). It is also the right time to prune remontant roses. Other operations to do in March are: remove the winter covers, prune wisteria, repot the geraniums using fresh and well fertilized soil, transplant the seedlings born from seed in autumn and winter. Check that the vines are firmly attached to their supports.

But March is crazy (... with the sun you bring an umbrella) and here is the need to be very careful in carrying out the typical works of the month for the plants that live on the terrace. What must absolutely be done by the end of month is the planting of stripping trees and shrubs.

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