Electric columns are depopulated in Parma

Electric columns are depopulated in Parma

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We talk about electric mobility and finally the first steps are also taking place in Italy. It opens with Parma where the municipal council, in recent days, has approved a memorandum of understanding to promote and encourage the use of electric vehicles. The agreement was signed between the Municipality, the Region, Enel Distribuzione and Aem Distribuzione Spa-Iren Group, the agreement provides for the disbursement ofelectric energy, the supply and installation of petrol stations for electric cars.

"We welcome this initiative with enthusiasm - comments the Councilor for the Environment, Gabriele Folli - which goes in the direction of encouraging the sustainable mobility and therefore to improve the quality of the air in the region. The creation of a new infrastructural network for powering the electric cars fully responds to the Administration's intention to favor innovative technologies over the use of fossil fuels».

How will motorists pay recharges electric?
The owners of electric vehicles they will be able to enter into a sort of contract and have the amount of the top-ups delivered directly to the electricity bill. This was made possible by the charging systems organized in such a way as to simplify the motorist's life regardless of his energy supplier and regardless of the column, whether it is Enel, Hera or Iren.

The agreement between the Municipality, the Region and the companies provides for a "electrical path " which will develop along the axis of the Via Emilia. A pilot project will be launched shortly which provides for the testing of a system for charging of cars and electric vehicles, it is in this regard that ten will be installed charging columns public within the Municipality of Parma.

There sustainable mobility plays a pivotal role in the fight against climate changes and in Italy, the municipality of Parma becomes a virtuous example for many administrations that still do too little. The Municipality has already developed other projects to support the sustainable mobility, we are talking about shared mobility systems such as car-sharing and incentives to purchase electric vehicle.

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