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Sydney Skinny, you swim for nature

Sydney Skinny, you swim for nature

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For many people, swimming naked in the ocean is an unforgettable experience that can be done in the dark, in intimacy or at most with some family member! For many people this is the case but not for the bathers of the Skinny Sydney, the first bathroom in the world where you swim for 900 meters completely naked.

The event succeeded in raise $ 10,000 intended for Foundational of NSW for the safeguard of the National Park and wild species. The funds raised during the event will be used to rejuvenate the area of National Park of the Sydney coast.

The success of the Sydney Skinny it was surprisingly surprising. The temperature was hot, the water was calm and the atmosphere sparkling. The manifestation took place in Cobblers Beach, for many bathers the event Sydney Skinny was the first chance to swimming nudist. The first edition took place on February 17th and over 200 people (men and women) swam naked to safeguard everything that nature offers.

Many of the participants in the first edition had never been to Middle Head National Park, nor to Cobblers Beach, without a doubt, after the experience of 17 February, the participants will return to visit the area in order to strengthen the nature tourism local.

The event was so important that we are already thinking about the second edition: it will be held in February 2014 and everyone will be able to participate, the only condition is to have reached the age of eighteen. For this 2013 the event started at 8 in the morning and continued until 12.

The event, with the respective fundraising to safeguard the Middle Head National Park, took place in the utmost discretion and the privacy of bathers was guaranteed. There were no spectators, only the participants registered for the event could access the beach. On the portal, it will soon be possible to register for the 2014 edition.

Video: Sydney Skinny Nudie Swim 28 Feb 2015. iSHARE #OZ (July 2022).


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