Packaging: small is better

The packaging? Choose it small if the environment is important to you. And if you can do without it, even better. Did you know that about 11 million tons of packaging are produced in Italy? The ISPRA figure refers to 2010 (we believe that not much has changed in this last period) and translated means that the amount of containers of paper (38.2%), wood (20.1%), glass (18,% 9) and plastic (17.3%) produced in one year equates to about seventy cruise ships.

This should make us reflect, especially if we consider that most of the packaging we throw away is superfluous compared to the function of transporting and storing the products we buy. This is why in recent times the eco-dispenser for detergents, which allow you to purchase the product by reusing the same container (which is purchased only the first time). And because soaps and personal hygiene products are often sold in bulk.

To sink the waste problem that weighs on the environment and on our pockets, each of us can do his part by choosing to buy products with reduced packaging. An awareness campaign in this sense has launched it Lush, an ethical brand of fresh and handmade cosmetics, in collaboration with theMan and Territory Association Pro Natura. The initiative was entitled 'Choose it small'.

What is it about? Countryside 'Choose it small' starts with one of Lush's products, the cream His goodness, which in addition to being marketed with a non-polluting packaging, allows to allocate part of the proceeds from the sale to support the education project curated by the Man and Territory Pro Natura Association which involves students of 50 classes of some schools in Milan, Rome and Catania.

By gaining direct experience, children will be able to discover closely what are the correct behaviors to reduceimpact of waste on everyone's life and on the Earth, without neglecting the imagination, as a precious ally of the art of recycling, through creative reuse workshops and guided simulations in the classroom. Objective: to become attentive and virtuous consumers.