Bike that produces energy

Bike that produces energy

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You can pedal even while standing still, the sportsmen who attend gyms know something about it. How many of you have an exercise bike at home? And again, how many of you have ever thought of hooking the wheels to an electric generator to transform the bike in an instrument that produces energy? There are those who did it! The product is called weBike and it is a bike that produces energy.

WeBike could be used at home but is not designed for home use. Its design has been made to adapt to bars or lounge environments. Structured both in the form of a table with three pedal stations, and in the form of a counter where all the pedal stations are placed next to each other. WeBike is not the only one bike that produces energy, in the squares of Italy, on the occasion of Christmas, many trees were lit with the force produced by volunteer cyclists, also in Italy, there was even a concert powered by numerous bicycles.

In a prison in Latin America, prisoners can reduce the length of their sentence by pedaling and producing energy and there are also those who have reproduced the model of bike that produces energy in your own garage. It pays to have one bike that produces energy? Indeed produce electric pedaling it is not a brilliant idea if a single cyclist is pedaling. If an electric generator is connected to several bikes that produce energy then the matter changes.

A single bike that produces energy comes to deliver a power of 500w when pedaling are experienced and fit cyclists, probably if I pedaled I would not produce more than 250w of electricity. Once again it is the union that is strength! Have you ever been a guest of a Crowne Plaza Hotel? Surely you will have struck the wellness / fitness area ... The Crowne Plaza in Amsterdam has connected the exercise bikes in the fitness area to an electric generator, the energy produced is added to that supplied by a solar panel system.

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