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Halogen or LED bulb?

Halogen or LED bulb?

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There halogen bulb it is the direct evolution of the old one light bulb incandescent. In the shops you can find two different types of halogen bulb, that at mains voltage and the variant halogen at very low voltage. The substantial differences are found primarily in the tension: one halogen bulb at mains voltage is powered by 220v while those at very low voltage count only 12v, from this it can be summarized that the halogen bulbs at extra low voltage they have less power available for light bulb with up to 100w.

This feature makes the halogen bulb very low voltage, particularly suitable for small environments and spaces with soft lighting. The luminous efficiency of the halogen bulbs at very low voltage it is slightly improved despite this, the low powers limit its use. The light of halogen bulbs at very low voltage it holds white and more vivid tabalities, as regards the life cycle, there are no differences between the two types of halogen bulb, both have a duration ranging from 2000 to 6000 hours of use.

If you are planning to set up a new home lighting system, the technology to be considered does not involve the use of halogen bulbs, but led lights. The LED lamps manage to guarantee energy savings of 90 percent compared to halogen bulbs of equal light intensity.

Even by comparing the life cycle of one halogen bulb with the duration of one LED lamp, LED technology would be a winner: LEDs maintain 70 percent of the initial light output even after 50,000 hours of use. If one light bulb it still maintains 70 percent of its light intensity and is still able to perform its function, in fact, if this decrease does not create excessive annoyance, the LED bulb it can be used up to the complete loss of its brightness, estimated in 100,000 hours, according to EN50107 standards. Considering 8 hours of average daily operation throughout the year, a LED lamp will last about 17 years while one halogen bulb it would last just over a couple of years.

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