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How to grow melon

There cultivation of melon it does not require much attention and can be grown both in the garden and in pots. For grow melon it is important to keep it warm for a long time with a temperature around 25 °. If it is impossible to guarantee this temperature, the cultivation can be done in a box or in a greenhouse. In the article we will illustrate how to grow melon following some basic guidelines.

How to grow melon, the instructions

  1. Plant the seeds individually in each pot in mid-spring, then taking care to keep them in a warm place with a temperature not lower than 16 degrees
  2. In late spring, transfer the seedlings into a larger pot
  3. At the arrival of summer, therefore at the end of June, arrange the plants in the garden, placing them at a not excessive depth and make sure that the stem remains completely out of the ground, i.e. at least 2.5 cm
  4. Leave about 1m distance between each plant due to their creeping habit
  5. Cover the ground with a black plastic sheet: it will help prevent the growth of weeds, warm the soil, retain moisture and provide a dry surface for the fruit
  6. Harvest the fruits when they are ripe: a melon is ripe when the stem begins to break and when it begins to give off a pleasant scent
  7. In mid-summer, do the topping: it will stop the growth of the main shoot, encourage the plant to branch out and stimulate fruiting
  8. Also tick the side shoots once they have grown

How to grow melon, useful tips

  • Water the plants regularly and treat with an organic fertilizer during the flowering period
  • At the beginning of autumn you have to cover the not yet ripe fruits to favor their ripening, then proceed to uproot the plant
  • It may be necessary to create supports when the fruits are formed as these could bend the plant
  • To prevent the base of the stem from rotting, it is advisable to make a mound of earth and plant something in that point, to facilitate the flow of water.

Video: Growth of cantaloupe or melon 1-38 days (January 2022).