How to reuse glass jars

How to reuse glass jars

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Reuse the glass jars, whether large jars of pickle or small containers for baby food, as well as being a gesture of environmental promotion, is useful in daily practice:glass jarsthey can bereusedfor the preservation of homemade fruit in syrup or in a more creative way, for the creation of pen and pencil holders, purses, flower vases and candle holders.

In our photo gallery you will find several examples from which to draw inspiration. In the photo above, you can see flower pots made with a simple laying of the glitter, today more commonly called "glitter powder ". To decorate the vases with this technique, you just need double-sided tape, vinyl glue, a brush and glitter with the grain and color you prefer.

The procedure consists of covering theglass jarwith several strips of double-sided tape, you will have to work on one smear at a time and, after removing the outer film of the double-sided tape, you will proceed with gently pouring the glitter on the adhesive strip. The same procedure will be repeated for all the other strips and, only at the end, will the brush be dipped in vinyl glue and brushed on the glitter just applied. Don't worry: once the vinyl glue is dry it will become completely transparent. With this simple procedure it is possiblereuse glass jarsto produce elegant flower pots. To mask the appearance of thejar, a decorative ribbon can be applied on the upper margin to cover the thread of the recycled jar.

An equally simple idea to implement involves the use of a wooden shelf and jars of various sizes. This way of reuse glass jarsit can only be used if we still keep the caps corresponding to the jars at hometo recycle. To transform theglass jarsin practical space-saving containers, just glue the lid of the jar under a shelf with a resistant and quick-setting glue and then screw the jar down!