Spring allergies: symptoms, tests and remedies

Spring allergies: symptoms, tests and remedies

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Spring allergies: natural remedies and antihistamines. Respiratory, skin and eye symptoms.

Spring allergies, period

It is difficult to estimate theperiodof theboomof thespring allergies. It all depends on the climatic trend and the geographical area to which it belongs.

To better understand theperiodand the days with the highest intensity ofallergensin the air, the National System for the Protection of the Environment (SNPA), makes the service availablepollnet.t,the Italian aerobiological monitoring network that allows to know theweekly bulletinson the presence ofpollen.

We talk aboutspring allergiesbut actually we should talk aboutseasonal allergy: the symptoms begin with the vegetative restart, start in late spring and are felt until autumn, when the new vegetative rest impends.

Spring allergies, symptoms

Allergic reactions are triggered by ipollenwhich, starting from spring and until the following autumn, penetrate the ocular mucous membranes, come into contact with the skin and, even worse, penetrate the respiratory tract.

Symptoms affecting the skin

Itching, rash, redness ... if these symptoms appear in conjunction with sudden changes in temperature (just after a shower, if you go from a hot environment to a cold environment and vice versa ...), it could be a "cold allergy".

Symptoms affecting the eyes

Swollen eyes, tearing, burning, red eye. The pollen, in fact, penetrate through the ocular pavilion. The use of sunglasses and a cap is recommended.

Symptoms affecting the respiratory system

Stuffed nose, sinusitis, rhinitis, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing and, in some people, asthma attacks.

What causes allergy symptoms?

THEallergy symptomsjust seen, they are not exclusive to pollen allergy or spring allergy, but also recur in the case ofallergy to dog and cat hair and allergy to dust mites.

Symptoms appear when i IgE levels (immunoglobulin E) increase. Immunoglobulins E are aantibodyinvolved in the body's immune response. They are the main culprits for type I hypersensitivity (allergies) typical of industrialized countries, i.e. they are responsible for:

  • allergic asthma
  • most sinusitis
  • allergic rhinitis
  • chronic urticaria
  • Atopic dermatitis

The increase in IgE levels is not triggered only bypollenbut also from certain foods, bee stings, anaphylactic drugs ... allergy test they measure the immune response through the levels ofIgE.

Do it yourself allergy test

Sometimes isymptomslisted above may have otherscauses(colds, bronchial problems, respiratory problems, endogenous factors…). To understand if isymptomsare linked to an increase in the IgE and when these levels are high, it is possible to take advantage of do-it-yourself tests. Among the many commercially available I would like to point out the "Prima" IgE test, simply because I have experienced it firsthand and it is very simple to use.

The kit includes, sealed in an aluminum pouch, an IgE test device, a plastic pipette, a 1 ml bottle, disinfectant, sterile lancets to take a drop of blood (identical to those used for blood glucose).

How to read the results of the allergy test

In practice, all you have to do is take a drop of blood, insert it into the reader, add the diluent (1 ml bottle) and wait for the test result (10 minutes). If you report the letter "C", the IgE levels are normal. If you color a line under the letter C and the letter T, it means that the IgE antibodies are higher than normal. When the “T” sees a lighter colored line than the C line, it is recommended to consult a physician.

The test described is called "First allergy test" I do not know if it is in the pharmacy because I personally bought it on Amazon (price € 14.90), you can find it at "this address".

In any case, even in pharmacies you can find more or less valid do-it-yourself tests, the operation is always the same but the interpretation of the result is different, so rely on the manufacturer's instructions.

Allergies, natural remedies

For all the natural remedies to combat allergy symptoms, please refer to the pageseasonal allergies, while for the natural antihistamines Help is availablehow to fight will notice that nutrition is also of fundamental importance and above all, in the case ofspring allergy with skin symptoms, it is vital to bring the right amount of water to the body. Remember to take the famous 8 glasses of water a day.

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