Rattan: chairs and furniture

The wicker for baskets, baskets and the reed bark (rattan, ratan) are obtained from the processing of the rush and are ideal for weaving baskets, baskets, baskets, laundry basket, wood baskets, wicker armchairs, wicker chairs, wicker furniture and others small decorative items.

Wicker, a widely used material that has nothing to do with the marrow of certain animals that are eaten at the table. Even vegetarians and vegans can relax and read this article discovering that the furniture items, for indoors and outdoors, made with wicker, are really durable and can sport a modern design.

Wicker: characteristics

This material is appreciated because particularly flexible and resistant, both features are not obvious and are increasingly in demand in the furniture market. In times of planned obsolescence.

It is found for sale most often in 0.5 kg skeins, once in our hands the rattan wicker threads must be moistened so that they do not break when we model them. In their center there are many small holes, which is why if one of these threads is immersed in a perfuming liquid, it becomes an excellent deodorant for the environment, natural and that does not dirty, does not "invade" and is also elegant to look at.

Rattan: chairs

Another piece of furniture that is in great demand in wicker are the chairs, chairs that can be for terraces, gardens, patios and gazebos, or for interiors in a very country or alternative style. These seats are always comfortable, given the consistency of the wicker, especially if we are in the apartment, often we arrange them with colorful cushions to create a cheerful atmosphere, informal and eccentric.

Even if these chairs seem very modern, the use of the material to create them is not a recent idea, there are wicker models that have made the history of design Italian such as the Margherita armchair, made by Franco Albini in 1950, still a very popular icon.

Wicker and rattan

It may happen that they come confused rattan, wicker, wicker and bamboo, these are ancient materials and have long been used for create furnishing accessories, both inside and outside. At first glance they are similar, no doubt about it, but it is enough to have an object, table or chair that is, in one of these materials, to see firsthand how much they are different in strength and versatility, as well as in origin.

The rattan, obtained from a plant belonging to the palm family, is robust and flexible, we can find it both in indoor furniture and for outdoor furniture, it is flexible as a material and does not splinter. Then we have the wicker, obtained from Willow plant which should be considered a real fiber suitable for artifacts in which it is woven to form baskets and other similar objects. The wicker has thinner and very ductile threads, obtained from the drawing of the cane and suitable for meticulous and particular processing.

Furniture wicker

The furnishings made with these fibers are versatile, in fact, they can be used in various ways, not only outside but also in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. I'm versatile also in terms of style: with natural colors and soft shapes, they are liked by many and adapt to almost any type of taste, they can fit in homes with contemporary furnishings and even in homes with more traditional style.

Lately, the wicker side by side or integrated with other materials such as wood, wrought iron, ceramic or lacquer, in various types of furniture products. Often these are objects of interior furniture with a casual and informal look, designed to catch the attention of guests.

There are also some gypsies, fun and bright, with wicker but also with parts in ratan for finishing, while less frequently there is wicker, Bamboo, on the other hand, must always be left natural and on its own, it is also resistant to any type of paint and varnish

Rattan: chair

In addition to the tables, the wicker chairs are not bad at all, they are resistant to rain, sun, salt, wind and temperature changes if treated appropriately, preventively. You can experience all this for yourself by sitting on a chair made of this simple and elegant material, available on Amazon for 87 euros. It is an excellent element with which to furnish balconies and terraces for the summer season in a sober and at the same time functional way. Such a chair can be just what you need for dinner or a game of cards in the moonlight, for an afternoon of reading in the garden or for tea with friends.

Wicker: curtains

Given the possibility of being finely worked, the wicker is also suitable for the production of awnings quality that can be almost a piece of furniture as well as a means of providing shade. Look at this "roller shutter", in rope and cotton edge, also available online at 50 euros, waiting for the full summer. Always online, as in shops with garden furniture and accessories, we find other similar products.

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