Ultrasound for dogs and ultrasound for mice

Ultrasound for dogs and ultrasound for mice

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Ultrasound for dogs, to educate them, or ultrasound for mice, to hunt them or to keep them away from your home. Ultrasounds are also useful on several other occasions such as for example for physical therapies such as for perfume environments. They are not something magical or an urban legend, they are a type of waves with specific characteristics.

Ultrasound is mechanical sound waves with frequencies higher than those on average audible from a human ear, by convention it will be taken as a reference value to discriminate between ultrasounds and not 20 kHz. Like the other waves, these are also described by parameters: frequency, wavelength, propagation speed, intensity (measured in decibels), attenuation (due to the acoustic impedance of the medium crossed).

This applies to ultrasounds for dogs as well as those used in the medical and industrial fields, in ultrasound scans, in non-destructive tests and in many devices for cleaning surfaces.

Ultrasound for dogs

When we are educating our four-legged friend, ultrasound for dogs can be a useful tool. We therefore equip ourselves with a special whistle which emits them and allows you to communicate with the animal even at great distances without annoying people who are nearby.

Not only professional breeders and trainers can take advantage of ultrasound for dogs but also those who are simply dog ​​owners and want to try use them as reinforcement for commands. It is important to choose quality whistles since the dog's hearing is stronger and more sensitive.

Ultrasound for mice

With ultrasound, mice do not educate themselves, or rather, they tame themselves in the sense that they are taught to stay away from our spaces. At one time they were used, then the fashion was gone but now this technique is back in vogue ultrasound for mice, also because they are reproducible with the smartphone, by downloading ad hoc apps. In addition to mice, they also work with insects, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes.

Given the effectiveness, ultrasound repellents they emit are now having success annoying sounds for animals that we want to hunt but not perceptible to people. Without expecting ultrasound to completely eliminate unwanted guests, we can try this remedy also in combination with other repellents.

Ultrasound: aerosol

With 70 euros on Amazon you will find excellent ultrasonic aerosol devices like this one, in which the scented solution is broken down into very small drops. Compared to other types of aerosols they are quieter and guarantee a higher atomization speed but break or damage more easily.

Ultrasound: humidifier

This type of device works like this: the ultrasounds "hit" the water, create vibrations and transform it into a mist of cold vapor. More silent than others, they also guarantee one better flow regulation of steam. They cost from 35 to 130 euros but consume less energy.

Ultrasound: cleaning

Ultrasound can also be used for our personal cleaning, in particular for the dental one, against the tartar, that dental plaque that accumulates and crystallizes on our teeth. Yellowish and harmful, tartar can cause gingivitis and other gum diseases, there are ultrasound devices to remove it before it happens.

Physiotherapy ultrasound

With 240 euros on Amazon you can buy some ultrasound therapy apparatus very useful for pain therapy, fitness treatments and beauty treatments as they are equipped with multiple programs that can be selected from time to time.

The waves, passing in the biological fabrics without causing any pain, they cause pressure changes that lead to a increase in microcirculation and temperature. Often these devices are associated with therapy such as Hilterapia, Tecar therapy, Shockwaves or other manual therapies and are recommended for the treatment of various types of pathologies. For avoid calcifications, for example, to treat adhesions and scars.

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