The Via Dei Cairoli in the Ticino Park

The Via Dei Cairoli in the Ticino Park

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A glimpse of Ticino in the lower part of its course

Territory, man and nature in the Ticino Park. In a combination that makes these three elements the backbone of sustainable economies and the society of tomorrow. The Via Dei Cairoli it is more than an experiment, it is a territorial program that connects people, nature, sustainable economies, culture, identity and local history, around a program of protection and enhancement of a unique territory along the Ticino, "The blue river" , 30 km from Milan.

The Via dei Cairoli - project promoted byMan and Territory Association Pro Natura - develops for just under 40 km of recommended cycle-itinerary between Garlasco and Pavia, in the south-western sector of the Ticino Valley, linked to the Vie Verdi and Via Fancigena, between lower Lombardy and lower Piedmont.

Castles, centenary churches and votive shrines, seventeenth-century canals, Alder forests and ancient farmsteads immersed in rice fields characterize the Via dei Cairoli, also rich in interesting gastronomic and cultural proposals.

Six municipalities involved: Parasacco hamlet (Zerbolò), Garlasco, Gropello Cairoli, Villanova d’Ardenghi, Carbonara al Ticino and Pavia. The project provides for the involvement and partnership of local tourism operators, associations, administrations and local communities as a whole.

In addition to cycle-pedestrian network, There Via dei Cairoli includes: interventions for the reconstruction of forest continuity; numerous entertainment activities (events, environmental education); training courses aimed at local communities; recovery and reuse of common spaces for functions of collective interest; the involvement of communities in the care of their territory and much more.

The most recent event was the mangialonga by bicycle scheduled to take place on Sunday 28 October. There Via dei Cairoli points to a cycle-pedestrian tourism with low environmental impact and therefore constitutes a good practice. To get in touch with this extraordinary territorial laboratory and its communities:

Video: Ettore Ximenes, Monumento equestre di Giuseppe Garibaldi, Piazza Castello, Piazzale Carioli, Milan (July 2022).


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