How to overhaul the car

When I have to to overhaul the car? Where should it be done and how much does it cost? Widespread questions among motorists. How to overhaul the car everyone's doubt but the solution is all too easy and just a click away. In this article we will explain how to overhaul the car in a few simple points.

  • What is the revision? It is a practice that ensures the stability of the vehicle you are using.
  • When should it be done? The first time must be done after the first four years from the purchase of the car. Otherwise it must be done every two years. Every year for buses, ambulances, taxis and atypical vehicles (weighing more than 3,500 kg).
  • Who has to do it? The car owner and since 2003 also motor vehicles and mopeds need to be inspected.
  • Where is the review done? You can overhaul the car directly at the offices of the motorization or if they are too far from home, any workshop authorized by the province will do. The portal of the Land Transport Department (DTT) offers a service to identify which authorized workshop is closest to your home.
  • What is needed for overhaul the car?

- Fill in the TT 2100 form
- Attach to the form the proof of payment of € 45.00 on the 9001 current account held by the Ministry of Transport. Attention, it is important that the holder of the car and the person making the payment are the same person.
- book the visit and test of the vehicle and present the registration certificate on which, after the test, a label will be applied to indicate that your vehicle is fit for circulation

How to overhaul the car faster? Book the physical overhaul at the workshop that you first identified from the service we have indicated to you. At the same workshop, you will bring the vehicle registration document. In this case you will pay around 65 euros.

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