Stains on fabrics: the most effective natural remedies

Stains on fabrics: the most effective natural remedies

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How to remove stains on fabrics: instructions for removing the most stubborn stains that do not go away with the classic wash. How to pretreat stained fabrics.

Those who are respectful of the environment will find a very strong ally in natural remedies, especially when it comes to home cleaning. In addition, inatural remediesthey can be very useful for anyone who wantsstain removalfabrics that would not be able to withstand a machine wash. When thestains on the fabrics are stubbornand tough, even the classic machine wash cycle can be ineffective.

Stains on fabrics

How many times have you taken the laundry out of the washing machine drum and noticed that the garment was still dirty? This is understood because sometimes the dirt gets into the fibers and needs to bepre-treatedbefore washing. In this regard, here are some natural remedies to eliminate stains on fabrics without having to pollute the environment. Let's see how to eliminate the most common stains on fabrics.

Please note: Before trying the remedy on your garment, experiment with it on a well hidden piece of fabric. These are remediesharmless and not very aggressive, but if thedressin question is among your favorites, better apply the principle of prudence!

Coffee stains

On linen and cotton fabrics we can use boiling water! It is different if it is a silk or wool fabric, in this case we will have to resort to Marseille soap, rubbing it on the stain and then rinsing with plenty of hot water. If the stains are old and make it difficult to go away, we can dissolve an egg yolk in alcohol and rub the stain with a wad soaked in the mixture.


Dilute 30 milligrams of percarbonate in a liter of water and soak the fabric in it. Soak even half a day.

Fabric stained with oil or grease

For fabrics made of wool, silk, cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics, the grease goes away easily by immediately adding baby powder or baking powder. Wait at least an hour before sprinkling then wipe the stain with dry Marseille soap and then rinse with hot water.

Dirty clothes with mold

You can use boiling milk: just immerse the part until the liquid is completely cooled. Let the fabric dry in the sun, then proceed with washing.

Ink blots

Act as soon as the stain occurs: just soak the stained area with lemon juice and salt then rinse. Repeat several times until the stain disappears.

As a last resort, you can remove the ink with a cotton swab dipped in ethyl alcohol.

Blood-stained trousers

The blood stains on fabrics they are really hard to get rid of. Immediately rinse with cold water and scrub the affected area well. For cotton fabrics you can try a solution based on powdered starch diluted with water. Apply on the part and wait for it to dry and then wash with cold water.

What if the blood is now dry? Blood stains on colored clothes are the most frightening. If on white it is possible to resort to candegiana, sui colorful clotheswe must act with caution.

Carbonated water, as well as hydrogen peroxide, can be good remedies for removing blood stains from clothes. An equally effective remedy involves the use of alcohol. Alcohol can rapidly dissolve thebloodnow encrusted. It is a good emergency remedy, especially since not allcolorful clothesthey are able to tolerate hydrogen peroxide.

Red wine stains

For tablecloths studded with red wine stains, just wash them with a solution based on vinegar, lemon and baking soda. Once this is done, wash the clothes as usual.

Rust on fabrics

Put on the stained part of the salt and a drop of lemon then let it dry well in the sun and wash in hot water. For other more effective remedies to eliminate rust stains on fabrics, we refer to the specific guide: rust stains.

Yellow stains on fabrics

Theyellow spots on clothesthey generally have three causes: sweat, sun or deodorant. Yellow spots are more common onwhite or light-colored clothing.

There are specific products on the market, however, a good remedy is the classic Marseille soap. Yellowed fabrics can be treated with ammonia. Of course, ammonia is not the most natural remedy in this world but if used at low dosages, it is effective and more respectful of the classic detergent. How to do?

Just put 1 teaspoon of ammonia in a liter of water and then put the garment to soak in water. This proportion is valid for resistant fabrics such as cotton, wool and synthetic fabrics. For silk, satin or other delicate fabrics, try diluting a single teaspoon of ammonia in 3 liters of water. To make the solution more effective, you can also dissolve coarse salt in warm water.

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