Hanging plants

Hanging plants: list and how to grow the hanging plants on the balcony or in the house. From evergreens to those that produce many flowers.

They are calledhanging plantsbut they are known by the most disparate names:hanging plants, drooping plants or evendrooping plants. With these names are indicated the plants that have shoots or flowers which, while thriving,hang downfrom the pot in which they are grown.

Thehanging plantsthey are numerous and belong to different genera and species. Most of them are herbaceous but there is no lack of shrubby plants. They are not missinghanging succulentssuch as Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus) or Easter cactus (Rhipsolidopsis) which can be considered excellent hanging balcony plants.

Pots for hanging plants

If you are thinking of growing onesagging plant, that is, with long, dangling jets, you'll do well to consider choosing onejarmore suitable for the purpose. If you want to cultivate the sagging plant on the balcony, you can choose the classic pots, on the contrary, if you intend to growhanging plantsat home, perhaps on the flight of stairs, on the kitchen shelves with vases hanging from the ceiling, you can choose somebasketsmore than vases.

Thehanging plantsthey manage to show their full splendor when posedNOT close to a wall, so they can thrive at 360 ° and project the falling jets along the edges of the entire bin.

To do this, you will need to choose a vase that is very light and equipped with a hook. You can also opt for a wire mesh, wicker basket or ajarspecific forhanging plantsequipped with a chain or support to be hooked to the wall or ceiling.

For example, the photo above shows several vases that have both a base to act as "support" vases and chains and a hook to turn intohanging vase, perfect for enhancing the beauty of hanging plants. The vase in question is called "Yunhigh" and a set of two is offered on Amazon at a price of 16.99 euros with free shipping. It is available in various colors, has a diameter of 22 cm and for all the information I invite you to visit the Amazon reference page: Yunhight Set 2 Baskets.

If you already have a nice vase that goes well with your decor, you can build a support system yourself using ropes intertwined with a metal ring. Alternatively, you can buy hanging pot holders to hang from the ceiling or walls. Also in this case, for the sake of completeness, I invite you to take a look at an Amazon product: Hanging vase holder. Here a set of two is offered at a price of 11.99 euros. The result is very spectacular and certainly having a vase holder made of rope with a porcelain stoneware or ceramic vase can have a scenic effect of great aesthetic impact.

Those shown are just examples, there are hundreds of hanging pot holders or vases forhanging plants, so you are spoiled for choice.

Hanging plants: what they are

After seeing how to enhance thehanging plantswith specific vessels, let's see which are thehanging plants to grow on the balcony or inside the house.

  • Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus)
  • Rhipsolidopsis (Easter cactus)
  • Aporocactus (rat tail)

These arehanging succulents, the first two are suitable for those who want to grow plants with a contained development while the rat tail can also reachimportant dimensionswith jets that extend beyond the edge of the pot even for one meter!

It is aboutfat plants, but don't be fooled: these hanging plants have a beautiful flowering. the Aporocactus produces flowers along the entire length of the falling shoots. The two cacti (Christmas and Easter), on the other hand, produce flowers at the tip of the apical leaf ... flowering occurs during the respective holiday period (therefore around December for the Christmas cactus and around April for the Easter cactus).

Othershanging plantsof high beauty are:

  • Zebrina pendula
    also suitable for north-facing windows and balconies with little light
  • Campanula isophylla
    this plant also does not want direct sunlight
  • Columnea x banksii
    gorgeoushanging plantwith jets that can reach up to 90 cm and red-orange colored flowers

Among the othershanging plants, we cannot forget the evergreens. If those seen before arehanging plants with flowers, there are also very elegant and ornamental evergreen herbaceous plants that do not produce flowers. This is the case of the classicivyand ofsagging plantSenecio.

If you are on the hunt forhanging balcony plants, which can offer a dense flowering, we point out:

  • Surfinia (the drooping Petunia)
  • Labelia pendula
  • Pargian geraniums

These hanging plants are perfect for growing on the balcony and produce vibrant and very dense blooms. Just treat them well in terms of fertilizer, soil, exposure and irrigation.

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