American Bobtail Cat: characteristics and origins

American Bobtail Cat: characteristics and origins

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Sweet and affectionate, playful and lover of his own freedom, the American Bobtail Cat it is a good companion animal, an excellent roommate and playmate. It is a very popular breed although not particularly widespread. Let's get to know him better, see what he looks like and what character he has and above all to understand if he is the right breed for us.

American Bobtail cat: description

This cat is medium to large in size, can weigh 3 kilos, especially if it is female, but males can weigh as much as seven kilos. In general, it has a massive build but let's not imagine a big cat and tending to obese because it manages to have a beautiful figure, elegant, not squat at all. The hair is long, even if not very long, and particularly soft, so it is a pleasure to caress it in any shade. Most of the specimens are gray in color.

The head of the American Bobtail Cat it is large, in proportion with the rest of the body, and has a somewhat triangular shape from which the very long and pointed ears emerge. The eyes are large and oval, the lively and intelligent expression.

The body is all muscular, including legs that are powerful while the tail is short and not too thick. If the animal is to participate in exhibitions, it must be very short, otherwise it can have medium lengths, in fact its almost absence is a distinctive feature of the breed from a physical point of view.

American Bobtail Cat: Origins

It is not of recent origin this breed that it is born in America, as the name suggests, back in 1965. A couple of enthusiasts, with the surname Sanders, found a small kitten on an Indian reservation in Arizona and noticed the particular tail completely folded over the back. They brought him home and eventually mated him with a cat of the gods breed Siamese and a cat was born whose cream-colored coat from which the bobtail was derived, with its typical short thing linked to the dominant gene of this same breed.

Although it was already clear that this cat would distinguish itself from the others, it was necessary to wait until 2006 for the official recognition of the cat breed. with semi-long hair, in America. In some other organizations it is not yet recognized and moreover remains widespread especially overseas. In Italy and Europe, it is still difficult to find.

American Bobtail cat: character

With the bosses he establishes a very close relationship and proves himself sweet and affectionate. He is not a wild and suspicious cat but he loves contact with humans even if sometimes strangers intimidate him and he becomes shy and reserved.

In general he loves to play, he is able to adapt to domestic environments and the family climate, including children, but we always try to leave them room to move: he loves being able to live free letting off steam in nature. This cat loves climbing a lot, let's leave it with games and something to claw and sleep on, its own equipped environment in which it can manage its days. With any other cats he will prove sociable but at the same time if left free he also becomes a good hunter by returning home with prey.

American Bobtail Cat: feeding

He doesn't like spicy and overly seasoned foods, he can have gods Health problems if it ingests sweets, otherwise this cat can eat everything, it does not have to follow a particular diet. If we want to make sure he stays healthy, we can prepare him meals at home with fresh meat and fish, rice and vegetables but there is no problem if he eats wet (canned) or dry (kibble) cat food.

American Bobtail Cat: Health

The Bobtail must be properly vaccinated, with all vaccinations required by law and must also be followed by a trusted veterinarian. Among the diseases to be on guard against, for example, is feline gastroenteritis, it is better to carry out checks to prevent it from being contracted, it is not trivial to treat.

This applies to every breed, then there are the typical problems of Bobtail such as hip dysplasia or problems with the spine, partly also related to the structure of its tail. So short, in fact, it could genetically be the prerequisite for a shorter spine.

Many bobtails also have skin problems which can be dry or affected by, for example dermatitis very annoying. It is also important to keep the coat well with frequent grooming, brushing once a week and washing every month.

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