Digital Detox: how to detox from your cell phone

Digital Detox: how to detox from your cell phone

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Know how to detox from your cell phone it is not so trivial nowadays even if we start with the best intentions because in fact this device not only contains many apps for fun and socializing but also many functions that concern the more work aspect if not also organizational and domestic . Today you can pay with your mobile phone, you can turn on your microwave oven or turn off the alarm. Difficult to give up entirely. At the same time we can get to wish to disconnect, at least for a few hours or for a whole day. The best thing, recognizing the actual usefulness of these devices, would be to learn how to use them every day with measure, if necessary, without becoming slaves and letting us suck every minute from their screens.

This goes through the process of digital detox because if we do not experience that without cell phones, we are not knocked out, we will never be able to become independent of it, even psychologically. So let's find out some useful strategy for detox from your cell phone, without any anachronistic extremism, but to find the right daily balance.

Digital Detox: How to detox from your cell phone and why

The two main negative consequences of excessive cell phone use carry delightfully English names. The "Phubbing", short for phone snubbing, it is the tendency to snub people in front of us, because they are too focused on the cell phone. With the term Fomo, on the other hand, we mean “fear of missing out”, therefore the fear of being cut off, which could happen, so we think, if we don't stay up to date via social networks and email, about what is happening. This fear, perhaps a bit innate, is however generously nourished by the apps themselves that send us so many notifications and in a certain sense want us to understand that, without them, we could end up with a devastated social life. We know that this is not the case, also because for centuries and centuries we have related and reproduced without any smartphone in hand.

All of this can induce a strong sense of anxiety or depression in us and can break down our own ability to pay attention and concentrate I'm on what's happening in the here and now, around us. The consequences are also strong on our creativity, as well as on our sociality because absurdly in the middle of a party we could find ourselves feeling the need to check social notifications to be sure not to miss good opportunities when they are around us, in the physical place where we are.

So let's find out not how do without a cell phone but how not to be a slave to it, trying with small easy tricks how to establish a new relationship with the cell phone that regenerates the ability to concentrate, reduces stress and improves our memory, I also benefit from the quality of sleep, especially if we are one of those who sleep with a cell phone an inch from the nose.

How to detox from your cell phone: tips

Do not imagine indications from extremists, we want to be reasonable and accept that cell phones are part of our daily life today and can be very useful, if used with intelligence. To do so, it is a lot I help a time management app which puts us in front of the time it takes us to look at the cell phone every day and to do what. It can also be very useful to try to link the mood we associate with the various types of activities to each app. If music can also relax us, a social network or emails can make us anxious, especially if we check them at every step.

Once we have identified the apps that we compulsively consult, even when we don't need them much, let's put them in one box so that they do not appear in the first row of the screen. Some believe it is appropriate to delete them completely, I do not think such a drastic gesture is necessary, just position them so that they do not put us in temptation. The notifications are very important for the quality of our life and for attention and concentration.

Often by default they are set to be all priority but we are able and must decide which ones we want to see at any time and which others we can also notice with a few hours of delay, without anything collapsing. For example, for work I keep email notifications in evidence, and also those of LinkedIn, in addition to Whatsapp, while the other social networks are not so essential and it is not necessary that I always be informed of everything that happens to you. Also because, when I get too many notifications, I end up risking losing some important ones. If we have to be always connected during the day, for work, we can turn off notifications in the evening and on weekends, it will already be a great relief.

For those who remain glued to their smartphone even at home, ignoring what the rest of the family is doing, the trick of the detox zones. Rooms or locations where we decide not to stay connected. They could be the kitchen and the living room, or even the bedroom, bearing in mind that often consulting the phone before going to sleep can create sleep disturbances.

How to detox from your mobile phone thanks to design

The appearance and setting of our mobile phone can also affect our addiction. There are some companies that have understood the new need for digital detox and they have thought of creating ad hoc products for those who do not want to fall into temptation.

We are not talking about the aesthetic aspect but about the dynamics of interaction and use of objects because design is not only beauty but also effectiveness of use. We can therefore think of mobile phones that discourage people to continually consult apps and notifications, let's see some of them. Not all are currently available in Italy but it is interesting to understand how these gadgets are or are not made to create addiction.

Punkt, Swiss company presented in Italy on the occasion of the Design Week, produces a very minimalist model, with few functions and comfortable mechanical keys. Conceived in this way, it has a battery that guarantees a week of autonomy, can act as a hotspot to provide data connectivity via Wi-Fi to computers and tablets and guarantees excellent audio quality for phone calls.

Halcyon 'Reality' Phone it has a modern and refined appearance, has the classic telephone functions, is clamshell and has an external display for notifications and an internal one to access calls, text messages and the phone book.

For the guys to whom a cell phone is granted, there is Konka U18, a cell phone with which only the numbers in the phone book can be called. It has WeChat and two cameras: a rear one for photos and videos and a front one for video calls, but also the Sos button sends a request for assistance to the predefined numbers.

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