Muscular hunting and companion dogs

Muscular hunting and companion dogs

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There are unsuspected muscular dogs, which do not seem so much because they show a more tender and playful air, but under the coat they are tremendously massive. Who would ever say that among the more muscular dogs there are also the Pekingese and the Pug? Yet you will find them on this list along with many others that you would not imagine "physical".

Let's go together to discover these breeds, not only for our curiosity but also to be aware of which are the breeds that require a particular diet. In fact, if a dog has a particularly important muscle mass, it must eat in order to keep it that way. Their diet must be in proportion to their weight and therefore their muscle mass, and they also need to exercise a lot.

If your dog is on the list of muscular dogs, of which we give only a taste here, it is necessary to organize to meet your needs. Let's see some together muscular dogs, for information on a particular breed, perhaps not mentioned here, we recommend that you ask your veterinarian.

Muscled pet dogs

Among pet dogs, we are used to thinking like living room mates, there are animals with a very powerful physical structure, only they do not show it off and do not particularly boast it.

Very muscular is the English Cocker Spaniel, a very intelligent, playful and sociable dog, who loves being with the family. He gets very attached to his owners and often risks suffering from separation anxiety. The poodle also has a robust physique, beyond the cloud of fur in which it is wrapped and which makes it difficult to understand what its mass really is. Intelligent and elegant, this dog is one of the most popular in the world, in all its different sizes that can adapt to different owners and spaces of various sizes

In the list of muscular dogs we also find the sympathetic Pug, a sort of bonsai mastiff with very ancient origins but which has never seen its fame wane. Another breed of companion dog but which sports a beautiful musculature, in an unexpected way, is the Pekingese. With its flattened nose and inimitable fur it was once a sacred animal for the Chinese royal family, today it remains very popular virtually all over the world.

Muscular hunting dogs

Hunting dogs are pretty obvious that they are muscular but some are more so than others. For example the Jack Russell Terrier is particularly so. Originally from the UK, this dog later developed in Australia and was bred for fox hunting. Among the dogs dedicated to hunting we also find the English setter, a dog specifically pointing but always of English origin. He is medium in size and has a particularly athletic physique, he is also endowed with an excellent character, sociable and generous. Whoever adopts it must be a sportsman because it is a dog that loves to exercise and must do it, to stay healthy.

Another well known and very muscular hunting dog is the English Pointer, perhaps in the past seen only suitable for hunting activities but today often also adopted as a companion dog for families. The Spinone Italiano, on the other hand, remains unquestionably a poop, a perfect retriever with a docile and sociable character. He has a rustic physique but his expression is sweet and it is understood that he does not have an aggressive nature.

Muscular and large dogs

Among large dogs we find some more muscular than others, also because it is not certain that a dog of XXL size has more muscles, in proportion, than a micro dog.

Among the muscular giants of the canine universe we find the Newfoundland and the Saint Bernard. The first, a native of Canada, is very sweet and cheerful, it is a tame dog that despite its size is well manageable and gets along well with children. The Saint Bernard comes from the Swiss Alps, descends from the Mastiff of the Alps and is also good and docile.

It has a stronger character Dogo Argentino, very popular in the American continent and impressive for his handsome physique, also highlighted by the often white short-haired coat.

Less big and much sweeter, the Labrador Retriever, muscular and affectionate, perfect as a companion dog even if he is quite athletic. More attention should be paid when dealing with a German Shepherd, a good dog but with a stronger character.

Lesser known muscular dogs

Some dogs are not well known but on closer inspection, they have an enviable physique. L'Hovawart, for example, it is also used in many countries as a guard dog, defense dog, in civil service as an avalanche, catastrophe and search dog for missing persons, guide dog for the blind, anti-drug dog and for military use. All this thanks to his muscles. Also the Beauceron but it is not a very widespread dog in Europe and in the rest of the world, too bad because it has a great intelligence.

Among the lesser known and muscular dogs we also find the Cirneco dell’Etna and the Kangal. The Cirneco looks like a Greyhound but it is an Italian Sicilian breed of very ancient origin while the Kangal is a dog from Turkey, a shepherd dog very good at looking after livestock and protecting it.

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