Albino peacock: characteristics and price

Albino peacock: characteristics and price

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The albino peacock it seems a kind of contradiction, since everyone remembers the colors of the peacock. Yet it exists and being rare, as the market rule suggests, it is also sought after, despite having no tint. The albino peacock by right it is and always remains a peacock, an animal that has Indian and very ancient origins. It is not new, however, in our part of Italy, it arrived a long time ago in Europe so it is not surprising to see peacocks in gardens and zoos, meet a albino peacock it is perhaps still an event.

In peacock farms we do not normally find albino specimens because the main reason for caring for them and growing them is precisely the colorful feathers. At this point you are more likely to encounter a albino peacock in gardens and zoos where it can attract the attention of visitors. On closer inspection, I assure you, even an all white peacock wheel has a certain effect, this animal looks like a magical creature and maybe, who knows, it really is.

Since the tail, in males, has its own specific function in courtship - it serves a conquer the female during the mating season - it is natural to wonder if when she is white she reap successes or if she is snubbed. Female peacocks appreciate its rarity or despise it because it lacks choreographic nuances. Obviously it remains an unanswered question, but I have asked myself.

Albino peacock

When the peacock arrived in our country and we started breeding it, numerous breeds of breeding were selected including some of white peacock, some of piebald peacock and others with black wings.

The albino peacock, white, has a completely white coat and the tail of the male looks like a Burano lace, candid and carefully “constructed”. The weak point of this variety is excessive inbreeding, which makes it susceptible to disease and unstable climate.

The piebald peacock, also known as Harlequin, born from the cross between the black-winged peacock and the albino peacock and looks like a "normal" peacock seen in a video shot in black and white. We mentioned the black-winged peacock (Pavo cristatus var. Nigripennis), let's see its characteristics: it is a mutation of the common peacock selected in England in the mid-nineteenth century. Males of this variety display blue necks and chests and black wings with blue undertones while the females are whitish with green splashes on the neck and upper body.

Albino peacock: price

As you can imagine, the albino peacock it does not have the same prices as an ordinary peacock which, although colorful, is less rare. For those who want to learn more, there is an article dedicated to peacock with a paragraph dedicated to farms.

Albino peacock: characteristics

The albino peacock it is a peacock with a particular color, or with a single color that makes it unique, or almost. Its characteristics, however, apart from the colors, are completely the same as those of other peacocks. This animal belonging to the Galliformi family, comes to Europe from India and also from Sri Lanka, still today there are some wild specimens that haunt some areas of South Asia but always below 1800 m of altitude.

This animal emits an unpleasant noise during the mating season but compensates with the beauty of its tail, it is sedentary and, if free, forms not too numerous groups. Its diet depends a lot on the area it lives in, it usually has one diet based on fruits, seeds, insects and small vertebrates, it hunts for snakes and, if free, places itself at night on the branches of trees. A female peacock, colored or white, lays 8 to 10 cream-colored eggs which it hatches for about a month.

Albino peacock: charm

In my opinion the albino peacock risks being almost more fascinating than the common blue one, perhaps because it knows how to amaze. Yet as a rule I always choose colors. What do you think about it?

Albino peacock: meaning

Not only the white "model" but also the others have deep meanings in different cultures, even in the ancient Roman one where we find this animal to symbolize the goddess Juno. If we move to Greece we find how the tail of this animal was seen and represented as a set of many eyes. In some Greek myths, the Peacock is related to the figure of the giant Argo Panoptes, creature with many eyes.

In the Christian tradition the peacock is symbol of immortality, even more so if it is white, and it was believed that this animal even lost its feathers in autumn and then had them reappear in the spring, which is why it is linked to the idea of ​​rebirth. More popular and fun, the Lombard tradition in which the peacock is the protagonist of a saying that goes like this: "I òmen e i pollon hinn i pussee cojon" (men and peacocks are the stupidest). a biased saying that makes you smile and think.

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