What does it mean to dream of food

What does it mean to dream of food

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That you are hungry, perhaps, but not only. Let's try to give a less banal answer to the question "What does it mean to dream of food" that takes us back in time and makes us wander across many continents in search of different cultures and traditions that are curious because not ours. Food in dreams has a definitely symbolic meaning Interesting. Whether you believe in the interpretation of dreams or not, it is better to know what could be hidden behind it,

Who dreams of food

In Italy, perhaps also because you eat well and food is at the center of many talks, there are many who dream of food. Research conducted by Doxa speaks of a 50% of dreamers that you find something to nibble on while dreaming, 20% happens every night and it's not certain effect of hunger because I doubt that one in 5 Italians goes to bed on an empty stomach. If we want to go more specifically on the menu, women love sweets while men dream more of pizza and pasta.

What does it mean to dream of food

Most cultures refer to the presence of food in dreams as a positive meaning. It is a sign of joy and passion, sometimes even of desire, with an erotic tinge but not only. Food in dreams is also a message of determination and of desire to fulfill their hopes, or well-being.

The role of food in dreams can be very different from time to time. It can be at the center of moments of fun or relaxation, it can be an opportunity for union, a bit like in life, or a temptation. Let's see some examples together. If we dream of delicious food, luck is assured in the near future, while dreaming of food in silver crockery is a guarantee of upcoming satisfaction, but if the plate is in gold, then we could be robbed

Returning to the different foods, for example, pasta, pizza and desserts, the most dreamed of, have a positive value, they are flavors that pamper us and envelop us, transmit an idea of ​​affection and home. If we happen to dream of very natural foods instead, then the message is a return to the values ​​of tradition, linked to the land and the countryside. Meat has a more transgressive and ... carnal meaning, in fact. It is linked to physical desire.

What does it mean to dream of fried food

Although we like frying, it is not a good sign to dream it because it is notoriously a symbol of malevolent gossip and annoying impulsiveness. Fried meat suggests we be on guard while fried fish brings luck to the game. On the other hand, when we dream of fried sweets, such as pancakes, or French fries, it means that there is harmony in our family and everything will be fine, no disaster in sight.

What does it mean to dream of a set table

If you have just dreamed of or happen todreaming of a set table as for a party, then you are generous and open people, you look at life with positivity and you love to surround yourself with people you love. If you have cooked the food and you are offering it, then the dream suggests that you are preparing for a beautiful and great occasion such as a wedding but also a big party.

What does it mean to dream of receiving food

If we don't offer food in a dream, maybe we're getting it. If this is what happens, then we have a strong need that we have never confessed. If we have lack of affection, we receive sweets in a dream, if we are too strict with ourselves, we will receive candy and cotton candy. Receiving oil means that we have some relationships to oil in order for them to take off, wine is a synonym for friendship and the fruit of gratitude and affection. Strange but it can also happen that in a dream of giving raw meat, it is a warning. We must then learn to be more understanding and to say things more sweetly.

What does it mean to dream of expired food

As you can imagine, it's not the best dreaming of food going bad. They are the symbol of some problem that we have not unresolved and that we tend to drag along with us for too long, or of dissatisfactions related to what we are experiencing in the here and now. Spoiled fruit indicates work problems, rotten meat indicates problems in bed or low self-esteem.

Those who want to continue with the interpretation of dreams, in search of the meanings that the many dishes can have if they come to mind while we sleep, can read this book that goes into detail. “The symbols of dreams. Psychological, psychoanalytic, esoteric and mythological analysis "

In these texts we find a 360-degree exploration of Dreamland, a useful guide that is easy to consult and well done. The themes are proposed in alphabetical order and we can browse the pages or consult them in case of specific needs. You don't necessarily have to have the mystical vein to be passionate about this discipline which is instead curious because it allows us to investigate, even in a playful way, things hidden in our subconscious.

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