Relaxation apps: the best

Relaxation apps: the best

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While the cell phone is often a source of stress, there are times when it can become our best friend and help us regain our composure. Everything is in how we use it and, much more trivially, in the app we downloaded. Some can sometimes make us nervous or complex, while others open a window to a world of silence and serenity. I am referring to the numerous relaxation and meditation apps. The number of proposals is constantly increasing and we thought that a guide could take you away from the embarrassment and hassle of going to read many reviews and download more than one to begin to understand the one that's right for you.

App for relaxation: tips

From a practical point of view, before starting to discover some names, I recommend choosing two or three apps to try and to do it for a few days, not expecting enormous results in just one hour. Put them in the same container, on your screen, and keep it handy so that you always remember that there is an app that can take care of you. Focus on the free app, in general, at least initially, to understand if they are right for you and if, even before, you are an app type. In fact, there are those who can trust these inventions to relax, and those who are skeptical and believe that it cannot be something technological and programmed to relax them. Try not to start with prejudices and listen to what your body tells you.

App for relaxation and meditation

Let's start with one highly sought after app category and also very crowded, that of the applications that guide us in meditation or that support us.

Headspace it is a kind of mental coaching that favors meditation and helps us to free our minds and rest, leaving stressful thoughts aside for a while. Also Mindfy is an excellent option, especially suitable for those who find it hard to carve out time for themselves and end their days overloaded with commitments and with the idea of ​​not yet being able to do everything they had set out to do. With this app, it is easier to impose yourself on the flow of duties and find some peace, useful for getting back loaded.

Finally Buddify it also teaches us meditation exercises, is very operational and explains how to find the right relaxation in every situation. He is a trainer, he explains and shows us how to do it, then over time we will become independent.

Those who prefer to relax without doing any particular exercises but simply taking some time to breathe in silence, focusing on themselves can choose Breathe2Relax which focuses on the breath and teaches us how to relax starting from it. It is an app that works very well against stress and also against depression.

If you never have time or you prefer to move to relax, what is right for you is Headspace. This app explains various techniques for meditating on the go and is perfect for those with a commute to travel to and from work, for example. With 10 minutes, it can change the way we approach our days.

App for relaxation with music

The use of music in this type of application is widespread and frequent, because the power of sound is inferior to little else when it comes to relaxation. Let's see three examples. Calm has so many music and sound tracks that it combines soothing images. We can rely on her, she will also provide us with interesting tips for daily relaxation and some food for thought.

Personal Zen is an app that tries to convince us that the glass is half full. It can be successful, a lot depends on how much we are willing to change our minds but it certainly manages to relax a lot. We then move on to "I can be free". Its purpose is quite explicit, it wants to make us feel free by chasing away worries and fear through a relaxing audio that involves and forces us to think about something else.

App for relaxation and awareness

If it's not enough for you to have a relaxation teacher and you want to improve your lifestyle so that your stress level decreases permanently, try Peaceful. It is not like the others, this application is a real personal diary that helps us to become aware of our days and our emotions. Once downloaded, we have to let her know what we do during the day and she, like a friend, can advise us on how to make life more beautiful by eliminating some sources of stress that we may never have noticed. There are also many tricks to remove anxiety.

App for relaxation and sleep

Everyone says that the cell phone distracts us and ruins our sleep and in general it is true, but with some exceptions. If you have an app like Sleep time, you can rest assured that you have found a way to sleep well. It transmits soothing sounds that help us sleep peacefully and awake and keeps track of our sleep.

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