Spiked apple: benefits and contraindications

Whether or not for the presence of "nails" but the spiked apple it is an excellent natural remedy against iron deficiency and has very ancient origins. Although it seems like a marketing move, it is a food that has been used since the Middle Ages to cureanemia. Today it is not used as it was then because there are many other competing methods but it remains an effective and recommended practice for those who follow natural medicine.

Spiked apple: explanation

Before discovering all the advantages of this apple, let's see if there are really nails in it spiked apple. In fact, yes, there are, and they are precious because thanks to them we can find a greater amount of irons inside the fruit itself.

The apple contains malic acid and citric acid, the latter is also present in abundance in lemon. When you insert an iron nail into the apple, the acids present literally dissolve it and it spreads into the apple pulp which becomes a fruit naturally enriched with iron.

Spiked apple: benefits

Most of the merits that we associate with the apple with nails is undoubtedly linked to iron because those who eat this fruit get their fill of organic iron without having to make use of strange and not always easy supplements. The taste of the apple that has been pierced by nails is not recognizable compared to that of a normal apple and we hardly even notice that we are eating a special fruit that will do us more good than ever.

A spiked apple a day so it does even better than a normal apple a day, it provides us with a good dose of iron but not only that, also of Mineral salts and vitamins. No supplement but a simple apple.

To make use of this traditional trick are primarily the people who do not tolerate and do not assimilate the common iron supplements. This apple can make its contribution and usually has to be combined with other foods with a lot of iron because it cannot change by itself the balances of a diet. Also very useful for pregnant women. In this possible phase of life it is very common to find an iron deficiency. To prevent this from happening or getting worse, we can start taking one spiked apple every now and then. Some alternatives can create constipation, a simple apple cannot, albeit with nails.

Spiked apple: contraindications

So far we have sung the praises of this remedy but it must be used with the utmost caution and it is necessary to prepare it with care, even in detail. Let's start with the nails which must be trivially iron. It is not obvious because today we find other metals such as cadmium, chromium, zinc. They would melt in the apple just like iron does but that's not what we want. So let's get some strictly iron nails.

Usually the pulp does not change flavor even if the iron of the nail "melts" in it but it can happen that it does. We must not give up, however, just make an effort and prepare a fruit mix or even an apple recipe that has apples nailed inside.

While we heal with spiked apples, we hold our iron levels monitored in the blood because you run the risk of going from one extreme to the other. This is why it is better to roughly know how many nail apples to eat. It partly depends on our starting situation, we can talk about one fruit per month, to start without risking going from deficiency to excess, which is equally harmful.

Spiked apple: how to prepare

We said we need iron nails, we are careful that they are not galvanized so they can rust. They are usually called nails of the "Parisian" model. Before piercing the apple, let's disinfect them in boiling water, let's choose a natural fruit, of biodynamic cultivation.

To be attacked by acids in an adequate way, the nail must stay in the pulp about 24 hours, then you can use the same set of nails with another apple, for the next day, and so on.

Those who prefer not to nibble with bare hands an apple that has been pierced with nails and which has holes circled in black, it is also possible to prepare the juice of spiked apple. It is a substance rich in mineral salts that are highly assimilable by our body and a lot of iron that can be enriched with vitamins, folic acid and other minerals, such as copper. The intake dose is 7 ml per day.

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