Cordless vacuum cleaner: review of the best for quality - price

Cordless vacuum cleaner: review of the best for quality - price

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The wireless vacuum cleaner they are totally supplanting the old corded vacuum cleaners because they are much more comfortable to use, are more versatile and are aesthetically more beautiful.

Once the contraindication of these products consisted in insufficient power and in any case not comparable to that guaranteed by corded vacuum cleaners, in the limited battery life and in the high cost. These problems have now been overcome and corded vacuum cleaners are inexorably destined to disappear in a short time.

Among the various models available on the market, our choice fell on the cordless vacuum cleaner produced by Dibea because all the technical features are excellent, the aesthetics are appreciable and, above all, the very affordable cost.

You can in fact order the product to which we have dedicated this review on Amazon, the most famous e-Commerce site in the world: here is the link to the product sheet where you will find more information and possibly you can order.

But now let's move on to our review!

Cordless vacuum cleaner: packaging and unboxing

The product arrived carefully packed in a box of about 70 cm weighing only 2.3 kg (!). Yes, because among the advantages of this wireless vacuum cleaner there is definitely the lightness and consequent handling that make it a product that can be used to vacuum dust not only from the floor but also from other surfaces, thanks to the included accessories.

However, here are the components included in the newly opened package arranged on the floor of my living room:

The box includes:

  • Instruction booklet
  • Handle with power button and battery
  • Charging station
  • Vacuum cleaner terminal with motorized rotating brush
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner rod
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner filter
  • Crumb vacuum brush
  • Vacuum cleaner terminal to remove dust from corners
  • Screws for possible wall fixing of the charging station
  • Conversion plug (not necessary for use in Italy)

Dibea wireless vacuum cleaner: component assembly

Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to "assembly and manual work" I'm certainly not lightning! :-) In this case, the assembly of the various components seemed simple and immediate.

Basically, all the components fit into each other with bayonet joints and correct positioning is accompanied by an eloquent and reassuring "metal click".

The simple steps to carry out the assembly correctly are however illustrated and explained in the attached instruction manual.

The components are light but look solid and well made.

Even the opening of the compartment in which the Hepa filter is installed and of the compartment into which the dust flows takes place without problems.

Disassembly is also immediate and effortless, which you can perform in case you want to change accessories or put away the wireless vacuum cleaner.

Dibea wireless vacuum cleaner: detail photos

The most significant detail photos that I think it is useful to offer you are:

1) Wireless vacuum cleaner mounted with motorized brush: this is probably the configuration you will use the most. In this configuration, the vertical vacuum cleaner measures 1 meter and 7 cm. With the brush extended about 1 meter and 15 cm.

2) Vacuum cleaner handle: it has a comfortable handle with a button to press to select the power to use. At the first click you will activate the basic power, at the second click the high power, the third click will turn off the vacuum cleaner.

To the left of the handle the air intake grille is visible. The battery is located inside the body.

3) Dust container and HEPA filter: the container into which the powder flows is transparent and has a notch to indicate the maximum level at which you can accumulate the powder itself.

Inside there is a HEPA filter that you can remove, wash and reinstall.

4) Rotating brush: it is the perfect terminal for removing dust, crumbs, hair and other materials from your floor.

At the base it has a joint that allows excellent maneuverability.

5) Handheld vacuum cleaner: this is the second configuration that I certainly use a lot, the one for vacuuming crumbs from tables and desks.

Cordless vacuum cleaner: proof of use

My use test gave excellent results in terms of cleaning / suction capacity and in terms of ease of use. The Dibea cordless vacuum cleaner is very light and easily maneuverable both in the configuration for cleaning the floor and in the one for vacuuming crumbs.

The lightness combined with the absence of wires make it extremely easy to use the vacuum cleaner even in the corners of the ceiling or bookcases.

The "low noise", significantly better than that of traditional corded vacuum cleaners, was also promoted with flying colors.

Dibea wireless vacuum cleaner: design

Together with the good workmanship of the components, I find the design of the product and the matt metallic burgundy red color of the temples very pleasant.

Cordless vacuum cleaner: price

It is another strong point of this product that earns it several points compared to products of "more renowned" brands but not for this reason better in quality.

L'cordless vacuum cleaner from Dibea is (at the moment) orderable on Amazon for 99.99 euros.

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