Abandoned dogs, stories with a happy ending

Abandoned dogs, stories with a happy ending

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In these months of heat and unhappy news for those who love dogs, forabandoning dogs, happy stories end I know or what we need, but at the same time they make us understand what it means to abandon an animal, the consequences and how few are the lucky cases in which it is saved. We therefore chose to take two summer fairy tales from the news of the past few years, yes, fairy tales, because the numbers on abandoning dogs in the summer describe a tragedy, an avoidable tragedy. By reading these desperate and at the same time "happy" stories, we hope to increase the sensitivity on this issue and the perception that only a small miracle can ensure that an abandoned dog survives in good health.

Dog abandonment: stories with a happy ending

The first story we want to share is take us in Liguria. Here the Animal Rescue carries out eight hundred interventions every year only from Recco to Carro and in July it saved a dog abandoned on the A12 from someone who probably didn't want to share their holidays with him or even pay him a stay while he was waiting for him "at home".

A Pincher, also enrolled in the canine registry of another region, was noticed by a motorist who fortunately had the promptness and at the same time the attention to raise the alarm without shrugging and go straight "that so much of abandoned dogs in summer the world is full ”. The Animal Rescue was able to intervene promptly and brought the dog from a vet in San Pietro di Novella for the necessary visits. He didn't seem badly hurt but the shock went through him and it won't be easy to get him to trust us humans again.

Also in July of this year, but in the area of Reggio Calabria, another dog "abandoned for vacation" was rescued. Indeed, two dogs, abandoned in one fell swoop. This time the heroic protagonists were the carabinieri of the Oppido Mamertina Park Station who found two abandoned mestizo puppies, a boy and a girl, hidden behind a bush of ferns, scared and hungry. They passed from the hands of the gunmen to those of the kennel operators "Fluck's friends" by Oppido Mamertina, for an immediate and very appropriate refreshment. Once they are back on track, they can be adopted but it will be important for them to regain their trust in the human race.

Dog abandonment: Italian numbers

There is still the whole month of August, the one in which most Italians take holidays, and already the numbers relating to the abandonment of dogs are horrible. There are many cases recorded, let alone in the weekend alone, and not even in the highest season, because we were still in the weekend between May and June, Aidaa (Italian association for the defense of animals and the environment) counted over 350 calls to report abandoned dogs on the street.

The phenomenon is widespread throughout the country, the regions where the episodes are most frequently evident are Puglia, first in this black ranking, with 110 dropouts. Sicily followed with 54 reports, Campania with 44 cases and Emilia Romagna with 38 reports of wandering animals. In the other regions, for a thousand different reasons, but the numbers do not describe such a serious situation. The fact is that the awareness raising it must be strong and must touch everyone because these are the regions where abandonment takes place, but the bosses can also come from other areas of Italy.

Nothing is taken for granted and it should not be a local problem. The worst news is that over the years, instead of improving, Italy gets worse and the figures are scary. Between 2015 and 2016 there was an increase of 700 units of about 4000 cases, the following years the number continued to grow. How will this 2019 be?

It will be true that Italians are one of the most populations dog lovers, if you look at the number of people who decide to take one with them, but in the summer they turn into a people who, statistically, show very little attention to their four-legged friends.

Dog abandonment: what to do

We take this opportunity to remind everyone how to intervene for save abandoned animal. You can see it, it is necessary to contact the police immediately to report the incident by collecting, if possible, all useful information, such as the license plate number from the car that abandoned the animal. It could happen that he is injured, he will surely be scared, so let's approach him carefully to check if he has a tattoo or a medal, but if this is not possible, we report the finding to police force by complaint.

In this way the responsible for any abandonment it will be prosecuted and, we remind you that the abandonment of animals by law is a crime that can be punished with arrest for up to one year or with a fine of up to 10 thousand euros. Another thing that is good to know is that if you cause an accident to an animal or if you are a spectator of it, the new rules of the Highway Code believe that animal rescue is necessary by law. Violators will have to pay administrative penalties.

To ensure that an animal victim of an accident, perhaps following an abandonment, is rescued, it is necessary to contact the Veterinary Service of the Asl of territorial jurisdiction to intervene and take care of the animal (the number is traceable through that of the local health authority

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