It's time to prune - here's how

It's time to prune - here's how

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The end of winter is approaching and it is time to prune, because pruning eliminates the superfluous parts of the plant and allows plants, flowers and fruits to renew themselves and grow with new vigor. But you need mastery, pruners are not improvised, above all you need experience and some botanical knowledge.

Cascina Cuccagna, one of the oldest agricultural farms in Milan (behind Porta Romana), not far from the city center but preserved and recovered in a territorial participation project, organizes a pruning course open to all. Two days, Saturday 23 February is Saturday 2 March, respectively dedicated to ornamental plants and at fruit plants.

Leading the laboratory It's time to prune organized by Gruppoverde of Cascina Cuccagna will be the professor Antonio Will of the Agricultural Technical Institute in via Litta Modigliani in Milan, which will guide the participants in the knowledge of the functions and in learning the main pruning techniques.

Pruning of ornamental plants (Saturday 23 February from 3.00 pm) includes: pruning function, classification and types of pruning, immediate effects of cutting in plants, types of cutting and correct execution, the reaction of plants to cutting, pruning of high-quality ornamental plants stem, pruning of ornamental shrubs: Hydrangea, Rose, Forsythia, Wisteria, Hibiscus.

Pruning of fruit plants (Saturday 2 March from 3 pm) provides: the purposes of pruning fruit trees, types of cutting and correct execution, the reaction of the plants to the cut, the buds and their recognition, how to recognize the fruit branches of the apple tree, but , peach, plum, cherry, apricot, how to carry out the production pruning of pome fruit (apple and pear trees), the pruning of the peach tree production, the pruning of the vine, the pruning of the actinidia.

There is a participation fee of 10 euros for each workshop (8 euros for holders of the Cascina Cuccagna supporter card).

For information and registration: [email protected]

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