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The filter jugs they have often been at the center of debates. At first they were pointed out as "unsafe ", “harmful"But secondly, studies conducted by university and non-university laboratories have shown the healthiness of the filter jugs, they are safe for humans and protect the environment.

Have you ever thought about how much PET plastic we produce with the consumption of bottled water? Or, have you ever paused to think how much you spend to buy yours mineral water? According to the latest ISTAT report, an Italian family spends 247 euros a year, about 21 euros a month!

The filter jugs are they safe?
The filter jugs are devices intended for the treatment of water for human consumption and all appliances filtering on the market I must comply with the provisions of Ministerial Decree 25 of February 27, 2012. The decree, introduced by the Ministry of Health, guarantees the healthiness of the filter jugs on the market today. In short, the variations in composition due to filtration, do not affect the hygienic and safety characteristics of the water or its qualitymicrobiological. This is also supported by the laboratory of the University of Bologna.

How much do the filter jugs?
The price can fluctuate a lot from product to product, a determining factor is the capacity of the filter jug, the bigger it will be, the more it will cost. For example, one Brita water filter jug 2.3 liter, equipped with four filters, has a price of € 29.99. Each filter is able to treat 100 liters of water over a month. So every day it is possible to have fresh 3 liters of filtered water.

Let's do the math
With 30 euros - the price of the Brita water filter jug-, we buy a carafe and 400 liters of water to drink in four months. According to the ISTAT estimate, a family can spend € 20.66 per month forbottled water, this means that the price of the filter jug it will be amortized already in the first two months following the purchase of the carafe. For those who don't want to bother with buy filters, can take one filter jug equipped with an escort for one or two years. For large families, they are available filter jugs from capacity up to 10 liters!

What does a filter jug?
It improves the characteristics and quality of the water. The changes made by filter jugs are not visible to the naked eye but can be felt on the palate: thewater it becomes sweeter and leaves that classic flavor "almost ferrous ", typical of the tap. No less important, it saves us money and cuts emissions, just think of the fuel emitted for the transport of water tanks and the production of PET waste.

Liscai or Gassata?
For those who preferwater with bubbles the market offers specific appliances, an example of which is the Beghelli Water Machine.

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