Sensordrone environmental sensor

Sensordrone environmental sensor

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Will there be radiation in the air? And what will the level of pollution? These and other questions are answered in yours smartphone thanks to a detail sensor which has the appearance and size of a keychain!

For years, scientists have talked about inserting "intelligent sensors”In mobile phones so as to collect a large amount of environmental data ranging from the level of air pollution to radiation. However, plug those sensors into one smartphone it is somewhat difficult, much more practical is to have an external sensor communicate with your portable device! Thinking about it is the Sensordrone.

The project is awaiting funding on Kickstarter but has already almost reached the necessary funds for production. The success is clear, so much so that today, 37 days from the deadline, the team of wanted to preview one of the beta prototypes of the Sensordrone but the words "Sold Out"Made us understand how strong public interest is on the Sensordrone.

The Sensordrone it's a environmental sensor with a compact and elegant design. It appears as a small metal rectangle, no configuration is required to use it, just launch an application and the environmental sensor will be able to answer your questions about the quality of the environment around you.


But what does the Sensordrone?
Ambient humidity, carbon monoxide, ppm, light intensity, pressure, VOCs and many other parameters. Sensordrome it could be an excellent weapon for Italian citizens. The Italian state continues to tell us that the environmental quality of our cities is excellent, an opinion that is often contested by private environmental centers. With the sensordrome we can be the ones to monitor the environment and understand theenvironmental impact that the industries and factories of our city have.

It would be great to activate the Sensordrome environmental sensor while traveling by bicycle or motorbike, so as to make these investigations worthy of Tony Stark of the Stark Industries, with or without Ironman cloths!

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