IPhone, the best friend of the bicycle

IPhone, the best friend of the bicycle

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L'iPhone can be transformed into the perfect ally of bicycle. For the cyclists there are ad hoc GPS devices, applications and special phones, the market has not been slow to propose accessories designed to transform your own smartphone in the perfect on-board computer for cycling enthusiasts. We are talking about iBike Dash Cycling Computer, a case for iPhone very particular.

Bike Dash Cycling Computer show al cyclist, all instant information about the rides in bicycle, keeps track of every detail and allows you to share your results with friends or teammates.

First of all, the Bike Dash Cycling Computer, plays a mere role of protection and anchoring. Pin it smartphone to the bicycle handlebar and protects it from bumps, water and falls. The front of the iPhone case it has been designed to guarantee maximum visibility even when the sun beats down. There custody it incorporates a wireless ANT + speed sensor, thanks to which it is possible to accurately measure all data about running speed and distances traveled. If the cyclist already has a sensor ANT +, HR or Power, the Bike Dash Cycling Computer will not hesitate to also show the information collected by third party sensors.

And for the maps?
"The large, detailed color touchscreen is easy to read, even when the sunlight is very intense. iDash and its free application iBike reports speed, time, distance, temperature and more. Plus your iPhone adds detailed maps. Customize the screen to see only the information you want, no matter how you want to see it. Listen to your iPod while using iDash, and with an iPhone you can even take calls (you will need an optional bluetooth headset to use the audio features). Thanks to the innovative electronics design of iDash, you can leave the iBike application without losing your ride data; iDash continues to collect and store them for your racing archive. Each time you resume the iBike application, the screen instantly updates the information on your current ride. "

iDash is not the only bike mount dedicated to the world of smartphones. For the latest iPhone models, we invite you to visit the official Amazon page dedicated to iPhone bike mounts and read, before purchasing, the reviews of users who have already tried the product.

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