Green applications for iPhone

I want save energy, respect the environment and be cool! These three characteristics go hand in hand when it comes to technologies, even those of daily use such as smartphones. iPhone and Android have numerous applications that lend a hand to the environment through the energy saving.

Among the countless applications for iPhone those dedicated to a lifestyle are also increasing "green". The iPhone as well as being famous for its features, it is famous for its applications, real programs for all tastes.
For some time they were born "green applications"Dedicated to sustainability, a sign that the environment and its protection are issues of widespread interest.
Here are a few green applications to download.

Refusalologist: it's a new one free application for iPhone, iPad and Android and is made in collaboration with Digital workshops. The new application assists citizens in the choices of waste disposal, orienting them, according to the place where they are, to the most correct choice. With a simple touch on the screen you can thus discover that the disposable razor must be put in the plastic bin, or if the napkins must be inserted into the paper. In addition, through the application (equipped with a search engine) you can find detailed information on how to recycle correctly any type of object. Among other things, thanks to the presence of GPS, the application detects the point where the user is and displays the map with the ecological islands closer with a lot of information on opening hours and types of materials.

The GoodGuide: it is considered one of the best eco-applications for iPhone, allows you to verify the environmental and social impact of the most popular products currently on the market. By entering the name of the product you are about to purchase, The Good Guide provides a short review thanks to which you are able to consciously decide whether or not to purchase the product in question based on its environmental and social impact.
The GoodGuide database currently contains "only" 70,000 chemicals for the home and personal care, but the project will soon include toys, food products and electronic accessories.

Pollution: it is an application that detects the sources of pollution locally, taking into account electromagnetic, atmospheric, water and soil emissions pollution.
Here are the main functions of the green app Pollution:
Air quality in real time (1,380 cities around the world);
Interactive map, with visualization of the pollution sources;
Geolocation button to access your information;
Detailed list of nearby polluting plants, discharges with details of volumes;
Search on a city or region (global search);
Summary pages of pollutants and environmental regulations, as well as the potential risks regarding your health;
Frequent database updates;
Access to detailed sources of pollution in Europe and the United States;
Global coverage of base stations (use of data from the OpenCellID project).

GreenMeter: is an application for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to calculate the performance of your vehicle and the fuel consumption. By this green app, the user can evaluate his own guide and modify it to increase energy efficiency so as to reduce consumption and reduce the environmental impact.

The results can be viewed in real time while driving, in fact thegreen application will give instant feedback. By tilting the device back and forth to simulate acceleration, you can see the effects of acceleration, drag, rolling resistance and the entire speed range. It is sufficient to enter some parameters such as weight and type of the car, weather conditions and fuel price to get information and advice in real time on how to make our driving more efficient and economical. A'green application similar, but entirely in Italian, was issued byQuality Alliance Eco-Drive it is free and is called “fuel consumption”.

L'iPhone can be an excellent prompter by dispending advice on how to live in an ecological way. For example, did you know that with just a small modification to the shower nozzle 160,000 liters of water can be saved? To tell you what the "Green Tips" iPhone applications are like, green tricks for a life dedicated to sustainability.


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