Garden Sensor, the mobile assistance for your garden

Season after season do you see the plants in your garden die? Despite your best efforts, do the plants on the balcony also wither? Maybe you need some help that could come in the form of a garden sensor. Don't worry, the sensor is not too expensive, the launch price is between 15 and 25 euros.

Is called Garden Sensor and was designed and launched on the market by the Japanese operator NTT Docomo. It is a useful device for looking after your garden. It has the nice shape of a four-leaf clover and the stem is planted in the ground in order to detect the levels of humidity, solar irradiation and other useful data that will be collected by the sensor and forwarded directly to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi network, therefore no additional cost is intended for data transmission.

The Garden Sensor suggests to the user when it is time to water their garden, or when it is the right time to harvest. After a year of testing, the Garden Sensor is ready for its debut on the market, the companies Sakata Seed and NEC believe most in the project. The test phase was conducted by 30 Japanese families who used the sensor with great enthusiasm.

The Garden Sensor is application related for smartphone and the data it collects can be forwarded to teams of experts who are ready to give advice on how to best take care of the garden and what jobs to do to increase its fertility and productivity. Unfortunately the sensor does not record information about the PH of the soil, in fact it does not have an adequate pH meter.

The sensor is marketed only in the Land of the Rising Sun and while waiting for it to debut on the European markets, the most ambitious user can think of buying several devices: a solar cell to measure the light irradiation, a pH meter to calculate the acidity of the soil and for humidity just follow this our article which explains how to understand the humidity of the plant in order to calculate how long it takes from one irrigation to another.

In the photo, the operating diagram of the garden sensor, directly from the Japanese group NTT Docomo.

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