Calculate fuel consumption with your iPhone

Calculate fuel consumption with your iPhone

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You want to know how much you spend on fuel and how much pollution do you produce every time you take the car? To tell you this is a completely free smartphone application in Italian. Just set a few simple parameters and that's it.

Is called EcoDrive and it is the smartphone application that will allow you to calculate fuel consumption, the CO2 emissions released, the money spent and the kilometers traveled. It was renamed "Fuel Consumption " precisely because of its optimized functions. The application is free and does not contain any annoying advertising.

The application is a utility available for iPod, iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later processor. It received excellent criticism, both because it lacks the so-called "iAd", that is, those advertising banners that smear the iPhone display when the application is launched, and because it is a very complete utility. It is available in several languages, including Italian, is free and was developed and released by the Quality Alliance Eco-Drive precisely to spread ecological driving with a greater fuel economy.

Among the most popular functions is that of calculate fuel consumption also based on the pressure of the wheels, in fact this is one of the parameters to be set and encourages the user to follow proper maintenance of their vehicle.

When starting the application "fuel consumption“, You will have to add your vehicle, as shown in the screen above, the parameters for the wheel pressure correspond to the standard of the vehicle manufacturer (Fiat, Nissan, Opel…). Obviously, instead of "Anna's Car" you can enter the name of your vehicle, and before indicating this, you will be asked if your vehicle is powered by diesel or petrol. You will then need to indicate the current mileage of your car e how much does a liter of petrol cost (or diesel) and gradually update the application by entering how many liters of fuel you have put at the filling station.

From the main control panel, the user will be able to see how many kilometers he has traveled and how many emissions he has produced. An overview of the last few months is also available, complete with statistics, graphs for consumption and CO2 emissions. Excellent free iPhone application that will help you save fuel.

edited by Anna De Simone

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