Bartering phone calls and messages

Bartering phone calls and messages

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Also phone calls and messages become bargaining chips, according to the ancient and revisited barter rule. Why not? The green idea comes from the circuit, which also to meet the needs of its members has proposed a new company in the network that deals with bartering telephone services in exchange for products and advice. is the company that launched the barter system, namely the multi-channel barter which allows companies and professionals to purchase objects or professional advice without real but virtual outlays. In this case, the company provides those who are already registered with the circuit an amount to be established depending on the case to be spent on voice calls, sending faxes or sms, managing documents and sending registered letters and parcels with withdrawal directly to the domicile of the 'user.

The barable telephone traffic it includes both national landline numbers and mobile phones and foreign numbers. The prepaid traffic is scaled on the basis of the actual seconds of conversation and the use of the VoIP technology makes everything very simple: just buy a dedicated telephone that will be delivered already configured and ready for use, with the possibility of activating a free internal call service.

All without circulating cash, but always through the virtual currency system with which each member by selling their goods or consultancy accrues a credit of euro exchange goods which can then be spent with any other associate. "An anti-crisis method - explains Antonio Leone, CEO of - that in times when liquidity is one of the main problems, it allows companies and professionals to operate with serenity with a view to growing and expanding their business rather than closing and saving ".

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