How to grow the white lily

How to grow the white lily

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How to grow the white lily: advice on growing the lily of St. Anthony. Care, planting, cultivation needs, water, fertilization, soil and all the details to obtain abundant flowering.

White lily, meaning in the language of flowers

In the language of flowers, theWhite Lilyit is a symbol of purity, in fact it is used in many religious ceremonies. The white lily has such a strong biblical appeal that it is calledFlower of the Madonna or St. Anthony's Lily.Not only purity but also strength: the people had the obligation to offer godswhite liliesat the foot of themajestyon the way.

The symbol of strength is not accidental: theWhite Lilyit is very rustic and resistant, a feature to be taken into account when growing this plant.

TheWhite LilyLilium candidumor St. Anthony's lily, it lives well in stony soils, on the side of roads or planted in soils rich in debris. It comes from the Balkan peninsula, it is very resistant even if it suffers from water stagnation and is sensitive to mold.

Cultivation of the white lily and use of stakes

THEwhite liliesthey vary in height: from 150 cm up to over 2 meters for the giant varieties! Who wantscultivate the white lilyit must adopt stakes because the rich terminal flowering can weigh down the stem and, due to the wind, break it easily.

Cultivation of white lily and potting soil

THEwhite liliesthey do not grow well in heavy, soggy, and easily stagnant soils. Avoid excessively humid and clayey soils, avoid arid and sandy soils. For cultivation, in pots or in the open garden, prepare a rich and light soil.

If the soil in your garden is clayey or very wet, you can correct it at the time of planting: carry out a larger excavation and prepare a drainage base with gravel, sand and acidic soil such asland of heather.

For those who grow in pots, prepare a draining layer on the bottom (expanded clay) and plant it with a soil rich in organic matter, humus and sand. Choose a specific potting soil or a calcium-free soil.

In the garden, to prepare the soil bed, work the entire surface of the flowerbed by adding peat and well-ripened compost.

Planting of the white lily

The best time for the planting of white lilies falls in spring or autumn. Maintain a distance of 20 cm between one bulb and another.

The hole must be three times deeper than the same bulb and three times as wide. The bulb of thelilyit should be covered with a layer of soil about 15 cm thick.

After planting, mulch with pine needles.

White lily fertilization

Thelilyit must be fertilized at least twice a year. Fertilization must be monthly for those who cultivate lilies in pots. The two main fertilizations are to be done one in spring, when ililiesthey begin to emerge from the ground, and the other just before flowering. Use a specific fertilizer or a mixture of mature manure, bone meal and roasted leather.

White lilies, care and precautions

THEliliesthey need a position that is always protected from the winds, you can grow it in full sun or partial shade. Mulching is essential because this plant loves the sun but the vegetative base must be kept cool. If, in the garden or on the balcony, you have a flower bed that is reached by the sun only in the morning hours, this is the ideal location: the blooms will be more abundant and lasting.

To improve the white lily bloomwe recommend:

  • when the flower fades, cut it off just under the cup
  • grown white lilies of different varieties and precocity so as to have blooms in stages

When to water white lilies?
The lily fears water stagnation but needs fresh soil and water! The wetting must be abundant enough to reach the bulbs that are placed in depth, for this reason, get your hands dirty: sink a finger to a depth of at least 5 cm and test the soil to see if it is time to irrigate.

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