Rare exotic fruits to try: the 7 best

Rare exotic fruits to try: the 7 best

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You have already bored the exotic fruits, often protagonists of the summer? Can't stand it anymore and do you feel nostalgia for oranges and mandarins? Nothing against these citrus fruits but maybe this is happening because you haven't discovered i yet rare exotic fruits to try. Being rare, little is said about them and they are difficult to find, but if you happen to, do not miss the opportunity to take a bite of these delicacies that often have an interesting and bizarre aspect. They are therefore also perfect to be immortalized on Instagram, in a Stories for refined and refined palates.

Most of these exotic fruits come from from Asia, Latin America and Africa, we do not find them under the house if we do not live near a multiethnic market or a specialized shop, it is necessary to look for them in a targeted way and with patience.

Rare exotic fruits to try: the 7 best

We begin to taste at least ideally i 7 tastiest but rare and exotic fruits, here told in alphabetical order to leave you the final choice of the best, if you find them to try.

Let's start fromAverrhoa Carambola, more simply called carom. This fruit is native to Sri Lanka and India, but we can also find it in other areas where it was imported and is still cultivated and which are also found in areas quite distant from these two countries mentioned. I am referring for example to Brazil, Ghana and Colombia.

The Carambola more than for its taste is known for its shape. You have to imagine it in fact cut into transversal wedges, so that it forms the profile of a five-pointed star, wonderful for filling desserts and cocktails. Sometimes it is green and it means that it is not yet ripe but can be squeezed like a simple lemon, if instead it has already taken on an intense yellow color, then it is ready to be used, it must be picked.

The African cucumber it is also called kiwano or horned melon. All its names are rather nice and difficult to forget, even its flavor remains impressed because it is extremely sweet. It comes from Africa, from the African desert, and actually looks like a cucumber from an aesthetic point of view. Its flavor, however, has nothing to do with that vegetable. Its green pulp is sweet and is used to make tempting desserts.

Durion, or Durione, is the name of an exotic rare fruit that is grown and produced in Southeast Asia. It is very difficult to find and to be able to taste because it is almost never eaten in public places. Why? Why it stinks terribly. However, if we overcome this olfactory barrier, we come to enjoy its decidedly pleasant flavor according to most. It is not frequent that it is eaten alone, much more often it is proposed associated with rice and yogurt. Durion seeds are also edible and we can munch them like normal dried fruit, such as walnuts or almonds.

There Jabuticaba it is a rare exotic fruit that comes from Brazil to be precise. It resembles theblack grapes but if we taste it, we immediately realize that it has a completely different flavor and texture. The plant that produces it is also different from the vine and the Jabuticaba sprouts directly from its trunk. They say it has some interesting properties including that of healing tonsillitis.

The Mangosteen it appears a cross between the very common peaches and lychees, but it still tastes different. Its pulp is creamy but divided into wedges, white. It is a fruit originating fromMoluccas archipelago, in Indonesia, and finding it in our country is really a challenge.

There Monstera Deliciosa, o Monster Fruit which sounds more international, does not look very inviting if we are not terribly curious we will not think to taste it. I have seen exotic fruits that are certainly more beautiful to present on the table. Going beyond the first impression, we are faced with a taste that recalls that of pineapple. The fruits of the plants Monstera they look like cobs for how long and thin they are, have several scales and sometimes give off a bad smell.

There Sugar Apple, also called Noi-na, it has a sweet taste and the consistency of a cream but is full of seeds, just like a raspberry. It is convenient to eat because you divide it in half with your hands when it is ripe. It barely fits in one hand.

Rare exotic fruits to try: tips

If we are left with a dry mouth looking for the rare exotic fruits illustrated above, we try to console ourselves with something simpler and certainly no less bizarre. As the Australian fishing, Quandong, made fishing but that tastes of rhubarb. Very rich in vitamin C, this rare fruit is used for various purposes, as a medicine but also as fuel, for seeds that are highly flammable and contain oils.

Let's move on to White Strawberries, "albino", which are not a marketing gimmick, were not created at the table, but are born in Chile and have their own history. They know of Pineapple, for example, and are called Pineberry.

To finish, to digest, it takes the Buddha hand lemon. Maybe some of you met it, I happened to notice it in a garden fair where strange exotic plants were exhibited. This fruit comes from a variety of cedar grown in China, Japan and India, has a shape that resembles that of a hand and a slightly citrus scent. Its peel is used candied.

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