Tricks to do without plastic

Tricks to do without plastic

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By now we have all understood that it is necessary to take serious measures to reduce the amount of plastic we put on our planet. Whether it's too late or not, better now than never, here are some tricks for do without plastic. Yes, because unfortunately we find it everywhere and maybe even armed with good will, sometimes we don't know the alternative. With these tips, you will have no more excuses to use superfluous plastic.

If we look around us, almost every gesture we make has some contour plastic. When we drink, when we eat, when we go shopping or shopping, when we go for a drink at the bar with friends. It is necessary to do a real slalom to avoid it but it can be done. They are small habits to change, after the first few days it will seem natural and easy.

Do without plastic: bottles

We have to drink a lot of water every day and if we are out and about or in the office, a classic is there water bottle in your bag or on our desk. And if the classic became another? What if instead of a shabby plastic bottle, highly harmful, there was a colorful canteen? We can only gain from this choice because it saves us money, since we can fill it with possibly purified tap water, and avoids the contamination with toxic substances, such as polyethylene terephthalate which could release antimony trioxide into the water. The best water bottles are those in stainless steel, perfect both for water or a fresh drink but also excellent if we want to carry around some hot tea or coffee. Steel is also very light and resistant.

However, we can also find water bottles of other materials such as glass and ceramic but if there isto our bottle we have to carry them around, they are a bit too heavy, in my opinion. On the other hand, a material to be avoided entirely is aluminum.

Do without plastic: straws

Let's stay on the action of drinking and see how to do without another useless object that scatters a lot of plastic around. Fortunately, in recent times there are many locals who are joining the straw free campaign. What does it mean? That you will no longer receive straws automatically, in any cocktail or juice or soft drink you will ask only if you explicitly ask. And anyway it will be biodegradable straws, made of paper, bamboo or pulp. However, if you want to avoid any risk, because not all places follow this philosophy, you can buy a glass or stainless steel straw, and take it with you. It can be even more hygienic.

Do without plastic: cutlery

Who doesn't love picnics raise your hand? They are magical moments but at the same time very dangerous for the environment because they are rich in opportunities to pollute. Just think of the plastic cutlery that accompanies the dishes. We can do without both, can't we? The dishes can be made of cardboard or even ours, which we will wash at home, and the cutlery can be reusable. They are an excellent purchase that we can also use in the office if we carry the schiscetta. There are steel but I recommend those in wood or bamboo, very light and practical.

Do without plastic: containers

We are full of containers to try to tidy up our existence and that of others, nothing bad but unfortunately many of them are made of plastic, in the kitchen or not. There is also a lot of plastic on the street, for example every time we have a drink to go. Coffee, tea, but also juices or bubble tea, slushes and so on. How to avoid all this waste of plastic? Taking with us a glass cup that can be refilled every time. If in the first episode you are watched a bit weird, then you will begin to understand our intent and it will be appreciated. Try it! Fortunately, today the problem of plastic is very well known and it will not be difficult to infect even a friend.

Let's go back to the kitchen: we also have most of them plastic containers. They do not break, they are light, they clean quickly… why change? Let's try to use alternative materials, perhaps even different from glass such as stainless steel. They are equally efficient and can be closed hermetically and effectively. There are also double-walled ones to keep food hot, or reusable films based on beeswax plastic free.

Do without plastic: bags

Today the shopper they are a very chic object, why not use them every time we go to buy something? They are comfortable to carry with you, they shrink and then take them out at the cash desk announcing proudly that we don't want any plastic bags. If we prefer, there are also in jute or hemp.

If you have realized that living without plastic makes you happier and prouder, you can continue and implement other interesting actions by taking inspiration from the advice of Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha, a Canadian couple who wrote “Happy life without plastic”. Enjoy the reading!

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