How to gain weight

If you are looking for news on how to gain weight, our suggestion can only be that of resorting to the advice of a doctor: any change in your diet should in fact be carefully shared with a specialist, in order to avoid the prejudices that could come with the introduction of quality food , varieties and quantities different from those that our body usually "tolerates"

In any case, for your convenience, below we wanted to summarize a series of foods that are known to promoteweight gain. Let's see them together!


Milk offers a very useful mix of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium.

The protein content of the milk makes it a good choice for people looking to build better muscle structure, and a recent study found that after resistance training, drinking skim milk helped support muscle growth more effectively. of a soy product.

For those looking to gain weight, milk can easily be added to the diet throughout the day.

Protein shakes

Protein shakes can help a person gain weight easily and effectively, especially if drunk shortly after training.

However, it is important to note that protein shakes often contain extra sugar and other additives that should be avoided! It is therefore better to check the labels carefully.

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A cup of rice contains about 200 calories and is also a good source of carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain. Many people find it easy to incorporate rice into meals containing protein and vegetables, making rice a valuable ally in achieving their weight gain goals.

Red meat

The consumption of red meat has proven to be particularly effective for the goal of weight gain.

The steak contains both leucine and creatine, nutrients that play a significant role in increasing muscle mass. The steak and other red meats also contain excellent levels of protein and fat, useful for putting on a few kg.

In any case, it is advisable to limit the intake of red meat, preferring leaner cuts, which are certainly healthier for the heart than the fatter cuts.

Peanut and nut butter

Regular consumption of nuts and peanut butter can help a person gain weight safely. Nuts are also a great snack and can be added to many meals, including salads. Raw or dried roasted walnuts have important health benefits.

Even peanut butter, if produced without added sugar or hydrogenated oils, can help. But be careful: it is essential to make sure that the only ingredient in these butters is dried fruit.

Whole grain bread

Wholemeal bread contains complex carbohydrates, which can promote weight gain. Some also contain seeds, which provide additional benefits.

Other starches

Starches help some of the foods already listed to increase muscle growth and weight gain. They add mass to meals and increase the number of calories consumed.

Some starchy foods include potatoes, corn, quinoa, wheat, buckwheat, beans, squash, oats, legumes, whole grains, granola bars.

In addition to adding calories, starches provide energy in the form of glucose, which is stored in the body as glycogen, and which can be useful for improving performance and energy during exercise.


Salmon is high in healthy fats, making this fish a good choice for those looking to gain weight. It also contains many nutrients, including omega-3s and proteins.

Dried fruit

Nuts are rich in nutrients and calories. You can easily buy and consume it, near or far from main meals.


Avocados are high in calories and fat, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a high-fat, high-calorie food. It also contains many antioxidants. A person wishing to gain weight should choose a chocolate that has a cocoa content of at least 70 percent.


Eggs are a good source of protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients. Most of the nutrients are contained in the yolk.

Fats and oils

Oils, such as those derived from olives and avocados, provide unsaturated calories and fat for heart health. A tablespoon of olive oil contains about 120 calories.


Cheese is a good source of fat, protein, calcium and calories. A person looking to gain weight should select fatty cheeses.


Whole yogurt can also provide protein and nutrients. Avoid flavored yogurts and low-fat yogurts, as they often contain added sugar.

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