Ducted air conditioning system: characteristics, pros and cons

Ducted air conditioning system: characteristics, pros and cons

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L'ducted air conditioning system it is a particular model of air conditioning system, which can diffuse the coolness throughout the house through "channels" in the false ceiling.

As in traditional models, also in this case there is a single external and an internal machine, but the split is only one: from this system the refrigerated air will be transported throughout the house through a ducting of heat-insulated pipes, which end in air delivery and return grilles.

Naturally, the ducts are equipped with special anti-pollution and anti-pollen filters, thus allowing the maximum healthiness of the environments.

But what are the pros and cons of the ducted air conditioning system?

Let's start with the benefits!

Advantages of the ducted air conditioning system

The most important benefit ofducted air conditioning system it is definitely of nature aesthetics, considering that this system is well suited, with its minimalism, to any environment. In fact, there is no encumbrance of a wall unit in each room that is intended to cool, and therefore there are no unpleasant impacts.

Instead of the indoor units it will be sufficient to create a false ceiling in which to pass the ducts: for some people the false ceiling could still worsen the environmental impact, but in reality it is a great way to customize your home.

Another advantage particularly appreciated by all home owners who decide to install this kind of system is obviously represented by reduced consumption energetic. The bills should benefit from this, considering that compared to a system with split of the same size, consumption is rather low: here we have for example talked about how much does the consumption of the air conditioner cost in the bill.

Not enough for you? There is at least one other advantage: a good ducted air conditioning system is in fact much quieter than modern traditional air conditioning systems.

In short, there are many advantages that we advise you to carefully evaluate if you intend to be able to build a new home air conditioning system, and especially if you have a particularly large home, or one that is spread over several levels, where it is much more difficult to adequately air-condition each room.

Disadvantages of the ducted air conditioning system

Like any choice characterizing home comfort, the ducted air conditioning system also has some aspects of particular attention that you should evaluate from time to time.

For example, it is well known that theducted air conditioning system has gods costs which are larger than those you would have to face in order to install an ordinary and traditional air conditioning system. However, there is a nice counterweight on the other side of the scale: the fact that the consumption of this system is lower than the one with internal splits, should allow you to be "paid off" in the medium term.

The second point that is generally identified as a disadvantage is related to the fact that the installation of this type of system is rather invasive, with masonry works that are certainly not underestimated, and which can usually be integrated only in a metric calculation during construction or renovation.

There are also some technical aspects that you should still try to keep in mind.

For example, the fact that there is only one motor means that in the event of a breakdown, the entire system stops. Furthermore, the maintenance of this plant is generally more expensive, as well as the cleaning operations are more complex. It is also possible that if you have a standard 3 kW electric meter at home, this is not enough to properly power the entire system.

Finally, there is a very important issue on which we want to focus for a few moments: the fact that air conditioning is distributed throughout the house, without any distinction. Therefore, all the rooms, even those in which you would not want cooled air, will end up having a similar temperature: it could be a nuisance, if maybe you don't want to condition your or your children's bedroom.

In any case, there is a solution. You can install motorized shutters on the vents, closing them at will according to the air ducting needs: the cost of this mini accessory is quite low, and we strongly recommend that you install it.

In short, we hope that with these brief suggestions you have all the right elements to be able to make a more informed choice of your new home air conditioning system.

Of course, considering that each choice must be made on a case-by-case basis, our final suggestion can only be to talk about it with an expert and qualified installer, who will be able to carry out specific advice based on the needs of your apartment.

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