How to burn fat

How to burn fat? There are infinite ways: healthy eating, physical activity, metabolism activators ... not to mention all the herbal products, not least, those offered with the herbal tea diet. But there are foods that can help us burn fat?

Pineapple, strawberries, vegetables and all low calorie foods but the first of all is the daikon. The daikon has a very similar shape to that of the carrot, but the flavor is much stronger and spicy. The daikon is a white edible root commonly known as white radish or Japanese radish. The term daikon it means "big root".
In folk medicine, it appears that the daikon represents a cure-all in all respects.

Daikon. Property
It is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus and vitamins such as those of group B and vitamin C.
Daikon. Therapeutic qualities.

The daikon contains two detoxifying molecules: sulforaphane and I3C (indole-3-carbinol). The first acts against bacteria in the gastric tract and colon by carrying out an antibiotic and anti-swelling action; the second, on the other hand, improves the metabolism of estrogens, therefore it has an important role in the prevention of hormone-dependent tumors.

It has strong detoxifying and diuretic properties, facilitates digestion and is useful for those suffering from water retention, cellulite and fatty deposits. The daikon grated favors the digestion of fried foods or foods rich in fat: not surprisingly, the consumption of daikon is recommended at the end of a hyperlipidic meal.

At the root of the daikon properties in dissolving excess fat deposits are also attributed. It seems that the consumption of daikon constitutes a valid help against liver disorders. Used in herbal medicine, the daikon boasts strong diuretic, draining and purifying properties of the urinary tract. Used raw it has a mucolytic action and is indicated for diseases of the respiratory system.

Daikon. Where to buy it
The daikon you can buy it fresh in natural and organic food stores. At the time of purchase, the peel must be light in color and very firm-looking.

It can be eaten raw in salads and tastes similar to radish, or cooked, like turnips. It can be added to soups, omelettes or sautées. It is recommended to eat it raw: it is richer in active ingredients.

Alternatively, the daikon it can be purchased dried in herbal medicine: in this case, the root must be left to soak for a couple of hours and then it can be used in soups or sautéed. The daikon it is a very low calorie food: 100 grams of root provide only 90 kjoules (22 kcal).

Daikon is a natural fat burner: the low calorie intake and the ability to reduce the assimilation of fats make it perfect in the daily diet.

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