Recycling Festival between Art and Electric Cars

Recycling Festival between Art and Electric Cars

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Electric cars and sustainable mobility will be the protagonists of the area 'Live and Move Eco'to Recycling Festival in Milan (the debut Sunday 19th May in the San Siro district) where exhibitors will suggest products and solutions for daily mobility that are more sustainable for the environment and correct for our health.

The electric cars of the Renault, while A2A will show how the batteries can be recharged with the columns that the company is installing in Milan. But there is not only theelectric car that is good (or not bad) for the environment: there is also rental between private individuals 'for responsible use of the car', such as the Recycling Festival presents Loc Loc.

Building on the success of last year, in 2013 the Recycling party it was made in four: 4 dates between May and September, the first at Milan San Siro on 19 May; the second in Lissone (MB) on June 16; again in Milan in Corso Buenos Aires on 8 September and finally in Assago (MI) in September (the day is still to be defined).

Alla Recycling Festival (the event is organized by Viattiva and participation is free) there are also four routes: 'Don't call it garbage! ' (waste is resources to be recovered); Live and Move Eco! (products and services for environmental sustainability); Scrap Party! (objects made with second-life materials); Reciclopolis! (experimental workshops dedicated to children); and the novelty RigenerART! (from waste to work of art) with artists who use recycled materials for their creations.

TO RigenerART! numerous artists will participate who, in addition to presenting their works, will give life to performances and workshops such as those of Guido Poggiani (creator and animator of RigenerART!) with his 'Light & Plastic'; by Carlo Lombardo with his 'Glue, rags, paper and objects' and by Agostina Pallone with 'Sands & Leather'.

In the area Reciclopolis! it will beMilanese subway - the company that also manages the water service in Milan - with its 'Mobile Laboratory' to involve children in games and experiments on the path of water in the underwater world of the subsoil up to our homes (one of the games will be the analysis of water we drink). There Court of the Charter will make children play with paper, cardboard and tricks to create new characters or recreate those from fairy tales while New Lab Sounds will teach how to build musical instruments with recycled materials.

In the area Party Scraps of the Recycling Festival it will be understood that materials, like cats, have 7 lives and can relive in beautiful, useful or maybe even just curious objects. More than 70 exhibitors (seventy!) Will show visitors their works. TO Don't call it garbage, finally, the environmental services management company of Milan, AMSA (one of the main supporters of the event) will inform citizens on the news of waste collection in Milan, and in particular on the methods of waste collection (which began in Milan in November 2012).

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