How to sanitize the masks to reuse them

How to sanitize the masks to reuse them

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How to sanitize the masks to reuse them - The idea of ​​being able to refurbish a smartphone has now become commonplace and many of us probably take advantage of it to get a good mobile phone at an affordable price. BeforeCOVID-19 emergency we never thought about it but it is possible to recondition several other objects that can be precious in such a moment. The first we all think about are the masks, since they are almost impossible to find and at the same time useful and sometimes required to be able to make those minimal movements today granted by the increasingly strict directives that the Government is doing to try to win this epidemic. It is therefore learning how to sanitize the masks to reuse them, it cannot be done indefinitely but at least in this way we can extend their life and consume less.

Why sanitize the masks to reuse them

The environmental motivations, while still valid and at the top of our thoughts, this time pass from first to second place in the face of an emergency that our generation probably would never have imagined to be living. Today the reality is that the masks are in short supply and we don't even have enough to protect people who are exposed for work to a high risk of contagion.

We will not enter here into the political motivations, in the various types of hypotheses that accuse who countries who people, who lobbies, because we want to try to solve the problem in a practical way, looking at what each individual can do.

Each of us can learn how to sanitize the masks to reuse them and avoid consuming one a day, so that all of us, doctors, nurses and workers at risk first, can have some for their inevitable emergencies that are not ours to "take a stroll".

How to sanitize the masks to reuse them

We are carrying out a very delicate operation at home, so it is necessary to follow the official indications without being creative as if we were cooking a cake, at which time we can make variations without endangering our health.

Here are the main steps to follow.

  • let's begin washing our hands as this emergency taught us to do (and then we will review).
  • We remove the mask from the face by grabbing it for the rubber bands and being careful not to touch the inside.
  • Let's wash our hands again, with the same attention as the first time, and wear a pair of disposable gloves. If we don't have any in the house - and those are selling like hot cakes too, let's disinfect ourselves with one 75-85% hydroalcoholic solution or another equally effective disinfectant.
  • Now let's get one 70% hydroalcoholic solution and spray it on the entire surface of the mask and even on the rubber bands. We pay close attention to do not overdo it, the important thing is that the substance rests on all parts of the mask but without wetting it too much.
  • Once you have put the liquid in a homogeneous way, we turn the mask and repeat the operation in a similar way and paying even more attention not to wet the mask as if it were any garment to be washed.
  • Now let's place our mask in a place protected from contamination hazards e we wait for the liquid to dry. It will take about half an hour.

Now our mask is safe to reuse. Before going over the procedure for washing your hands and starting to sanitize the mask too, some clarifications are needed. It is important to understand with what type of mask we can perform this procedure: it refers only to the EN 142 CE masks and not all those that are in circulation. However, even if we have the right one in our hands, we check that it has not been used in high-risk environments such as hospitals, and we do not repeat the sanitation more than three times because the mask wears over time and with these steps, until it becomes ineffective and therefore unsafe.

How to wash your hands with soap and water according to the WHO

We should all know this by heart vademecum but it never hurts to go over it. The WHO explains step by step how to wash your hands with soap and water safely.

  1. Wet your hands with water.
  2. Apply the amount of soap needed to cover the entire surface of the hands.
  3. Rub your hands palm to palm.
  4. Rub your right palm over your left back by interlacing your fingers and vice versa.
  5. Interlace your fingers together with your hands palm to palm
  6. Place the back of the fingers against the opposite palm keeping the fingers tight
  7. Rub by rotating the left thumb tight in the right palm and vice versa
  8. Perform a rotational friction, forward and backward with the fingers of the right hand pressed together in the left palm and vice versa.
  9. Rinse your hands with water.
  10. Dry with a disposable wipe.
  11. Use the same towel to turn off the tap and throw it away
  12. When dry, hands are safe.

How to wash your hands with alcohol solution

If we have one in our hands alcohol solution, maybe we have just left a shop and we want to clean our hands immediately so as not to run the risk of inadvertently touching our face before arriving home, we can instead proceed in the following way.

  1. We pour into the palm of the hand a quantity of solution sufficient to cover the entire surface of the hands
  2. Rub your hands palm to palm.
  3. The right palm over the left back intertwining the fingers together and vice versa.
  4. Palm to palm, interlacing the fingers together.
  5. Back of fingers against opposite palm keeping fingers tightly together.
  6. Rotational clutch of the left thumb tightened in the right palm and vice versa.
  7. Rotational clutch, forward and backward with the fingers of the right hand pressed together in the left palm and vice versa
  8. Once dry, your hands are safe.

Now we know all the steps to sanitize the masks insecurity. We can do our part in order to make the most of this very precious tool that not everyone can have.

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