How to sanitize door and window handles

How to sanitize door and window handles

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How to sanitize door and window handles - The watchword of the period is to sanitize and it seems that the spaces, objects, clothes, surfaces that could be clean and sterilized to make us feel really safe. In order not to go crazy in these days of new habits and many rules, it is necessary to understand what is really important and to go in order of priority. One of the first things to do, reading the rules of hygiene currently suggested, there is to learn how to sanitize door and window handles and then do it. They all mean, yes, but the first one, the one to start with and to clean and clean whenever necessary, is clearly the door handle. If you think about it, it is the only and inevitable contact we have with something domestic, before being able to reach a sink and wash the hands with which we have faced the world (and some of it has stuck to it).

These days we follow more than ever online courses to fill time, to "invest your time", but in addition to English, dance and programming, let's also take the opportunity to learn how to clean some parts of the house in a severe way. so that our level of hygiene stay high, even when the emergency will be less extreme. You will notice that it doesn't take long, the important thing is to have the right product at the right time and a few minutes of elbow grease.

Why sanitize a handle

Every time we leave the house and then return, in addition to emotions, speeches, joys and pains, we also take home a lot of bacteria and so much dirt that we "lean" on the door handles. And if we do not live alone, if you think about it well, you will notice the fact that really the handles they are a sort of relay baton, we touch them all and we can pass bacteria easily even without touching our bodies.

Sanitizing a handle is a truly banal gesture that can however be decisive for their own health and that of family members.

Let's get ready to clean and polish them so that there can also be an aesthetic benefit. In order not to damage the door, we apply paper tape around the handle itself and proceed with a method suitable for the material it is made of.

Difference between sanitizing a handle and cleaning a handle

In these two verbs lies the problem our society is dealing with these days. Many, now that hygiene is the fixed point of our days, will have realized that they have always cleaned and never sanitized. You can learn how to do this by starting to understand the difference. Cleaning is a "soft" action, cleaning a handle means more than anything else polishing it and making it shine, giving it a wipe with a damp cloth, with a hint of detergent. Sanitizing is much more, even if you don't get to sanitize. It means cleaning a surface thoroughly, removing bacteria and harmful substances. In this "deep" lies the basic difference, in the process and in the results.

How to sanitize metal handles

The metal handles can be more or less delicate, in any case we must sanitize them completely, without damaging them. For some alloys, such as brass, there are gods specific products that do not cause damage, but if we want to play it safe and above all to save money, without going crazy with a different product for each type of handle we have at home, it is better to opt for the natural method.

If there are grease stains, take some dish detergent, two or three drops and a firm but delicate touch on the handle are enough to then move on to the real, and necessary, sanitation. We change detergent and, still in the kitchen, we take the ingredients for the next one: white vinegar and hot water. Prepare a solution by mixing equal parts and with a cloth, pass it on the handle that after a couple of minutes will appear more clean and brilliant than ever.

How to sanitize a wooden handle

With wood it is necessary to pay close attention, a double dose of attention because on the one hand it is an "absorbent" material and on the other also delicate, it must therefore be sanitized but not damaged. We always take natural ingredients to proceed, this time of lemon peels cut very small to be immersed in a basin of hot water. When it cools we can wipe the handles of our home with a cloth in order to remove bacteria and dirt. Alternatively we can also use the vinegar, as done for metals, or the Marseille soap.

How to sanitize plastic handles

In this case we have less worries because it is very difficult to ruin the plastic. We can therefore proceed calmly and quickly with the dish soap and a simple damp cloth that we have to pass over and over again and then rinse. With a second step, this time, however, using the glass cleaner, we will also be able to obtain a greater shine. If we are dealing with handles of PVC plastic, better to change strategy and detergent, the better works neutral soap, always to be wiped with a damp cloth.

What not to use to avoid damaging the handles

You will soon find the method you prefer and you will be able to sanitize your door handles in just a few minutes, realizing that it is feasible in everyday life without any obsession. There are some procedures to avoid, however, because they can compromise the aesthetics of our handles. Even if you find large stains, never use wire brushes or sandpaper and not even the straw. As for the products, never too many ones aggressive or abrasive, or that contain solvents, or alcohol and much less hydrofluoric acid or muriatic acid.

Now that we have learned how to sanitize door and window handles, we can use the same tricks for the handles as well some lockers, for example those in the kitchen and bathroom that may have particular need. The handle of the entrance door it always remains our priority but a couple of times a week during this period a pass to all these handholds we have at home is recommended.

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