Wooden houses: advantages and prices

Wooden houses: advantages and prices

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Wooden houses, always fascinating, for centuries in the history of humanity, and in our personal history, probably since we were children. Homes like shelters, welcoming and with an intimate, natural and authentic atmosphere. Without detracting from this childhood dream, it must be said that wooden houses are now a reality for adults as well. Peter Pan syndrome or not, these are buildings that can actually be used instead of brick houses and not without numerous advantages, from an economic, energy and environmental point of view. In addition to, often, also aesthetic.

Wooden houses: advantages

Forests provide a lot of timber, and on the rise as farmland is being abandoned as people abandon it to live in the city. The raw material for wooden houses so it is not lacking and this type of buildings can boast excellent energy and sustainability performance.

At one time the idea of ​​the wooden house was automatically associated with that of a shack or temporary, emergency accommodation. Fortunately, after numerous excellent examples, people, and not only those of the sector, have understood that the houses made of this material reach high levels of comfort, technology and modernity.

Without wishing to dwell too much on a sore point of which, however, we cannot fail to mention, it must be said that in a seismic country like Italy, brick houses are not the best suited to withstand the tremors. If they are compared with those in wood, light and elastic, there is no comparison and in the places where post-earthquake reconstruction is taking place, they are thinking in these terms.

Wooden houses and brick houses

Once we have a land on which it is possible to build, nothing changes if our intention is to proceed with wood or with bricks, procedures and expenses are the same. When we start talking about the executive project, however, the differences emerge and we begin to understand which side it is more convenient to be on. If you decide for wooden houses, you can entrust a company with the task of making the prefabricated parts according to our project indications, already going down to the smallest detail and with established prices. Already at the moment of the manufacture of the pieces, the compartments and holes for the passage of wires and pipes are created, so there is no need for the assembly of the various pieces, with little margin for the unexpected compared to those that the brick house can reserve for us.

Wooden houses: techniques

Without dwelling too much on technicalities, there are two main techniques to build these wooden dogs, one is the one with a frame, therefore using frames made of wooden beams and strips with insulating material inserted in the cavities and covering everything with panels. The second most common technique is Xlam: it involves the use of crossed and glued axes. It is a more massive and sturdy structure but then an extra insulating layer must be added, in fact, this second method is opted for only if multi-storey and complex buildings are being built.

Green wooden houses

We have already mentioned in general the advantages of wooden houses compared to those made of other materials, but there are benefits concerning the environment that it is right to deepen here. Wood is a natural insulating material, both in terms of heat and noise, so imagine what comfort these homes can promise. This type of house goes well if not very well with renewable energy, heat pumps and underfloor air conditioning, and this means limiting the environmental impact and saving on heating and cooling.

On balance wooden houses are more eco-sustainable, because wood does not require energy to be made and even absorbs CO2 from the air. If someone is worrying, and it is legitimate, about trees that can be felled to build, in Italy there is a good cycle of forest rebirth, there are other problems, not the construction of wooden houses.

Wooden houses: prices

To understand what are the prices of wooden houses in Italy and above all to identify the most convenient without wasting too much time, we can turn to a reality like

On its site you can discover the best models of prefabricated wooden houses having the opportunity to compare different models, including villas, to get an immediate idea of ​​the expense that the market is asking us to face.

There is a section with the catalog of possibilities and if we already have some idea of ​​what we want, we can narrow the search to houses, garden houses, condominiums, accommodation facilities and hotels in wood or whatever. There are also models of houses that can be created and built in order to get a concrete and authentic idea of ​​the result we will have.

They can also be found on the same site builders operating throughout Italy in order to understand, depending on the area in which we are, who we can turn to, without doing a treasure hunt from North to South, wasting time.

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