How to arrange the wardrobe and save space

How to arrange the wardrobe and save space

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We have never particularly loved putting drawers, shelves and doors in our wardrobe in order, but in these days to be spent at home by force, the idea of ​​having to think about how to arrange the wardrobe and doing it can be a great way to pass the time, optimizing: if we do it now, we won't have to do it later. It is also spring, so we follow tradition and this time the wardrobe change will be a bit special because we practically go from winter to summer, with the months in between probably lived wearing clothes not for work but more comfortable and casual.

When to arrange the wardrobe

Now. Yes, we now have all the time we want to give a more radical system than ever in ours, gathering clothes to give away and dividing the rest in order to find and mate more easily. But the most useful thing to learn is how to save space and have a tidy and practical wardrobe. Here are some tricks to put into practice right away.

How to arrange the wardrobe and save space

Let's start with tidying up t-shirt which often end up crumpled in some corner, if not spread over the back of the chair. And then they are a real bore to fold, they never come symmetrical, let alone if they hold the fold. We can roll them up, at this point, and put them in a drawer like many colored rolls horizontally or vertically which is better because in this way we see them all and we can choose without having to unpack and rebuild them.

We also keep in the closet several small accessories, some belts, handkerchiefs, scarves, which together with the underwear can be arranged in cardboard rolls so that they do not spread in the drawers, creating a great chaos. We use the cardboard roll of toilet paper to create niches in which to put them. For the slightly larger accessories we can use, indeed, reuse wooden boxes, those for fruit, which act as drawers, perhaps by putting separators to classify the garments by color.

Curious idea is that of use rings for curtains in order to save space. If you are wondering how, don't be ashamed because it is a rather bizarre use. We insert them into the loop of the trousers and then hook them to the rod of the wardrobes. It is very comfortable and avoids piles of trousers, which are impractical because every time you take one out, you risk messing up the rest. If we have good dexterity we can take the hangers and wrap around them in colored cotton.

The aesthetic effect is excellent but that's not why we're doing it. It is used to classify clothes by color, for example casual ones from more elegant ones, and also to avoid and slip. Speaking of hangers, if you are not sure where to hang them, you can add a touch of originality to the decor of your room by inserting an old ladder. When polished, it can act as a shelf to support the hangers

How to arrange shoes in the closet

Whether it's tens and tens, or just a few units, shoes deserve a separate paragraph because they are not easy to fix, also because they can have the strangest shapes, it depends on taste. If we can find them we can use gods large PVC pipes, cutting them, to create exclusive shelves for shoes. They can be searched for on construction sites, even domestic ones, or in some specialist shop. They must be glued to act as a support, and if we want we can paint and decorate them as we like.

Boots often fail to stay where shoes are, they demand one accommodation all for them and we find it in the thin hooks with which to hang them where you have space in the wardrobe.

How to arrange the wardrobe without stress

Now that we have several ideas to translate into action, we must have the will to do it. Yes, and without it being a stressful thing, because having to stay so much indoors is good take care of it in a reasonable way and without too much sense of duty or mania for perfection. Also in this case, a few tips from those who have been there is not at all a gesture to be condemned. Let's go step by step, by micro step, starting with planning the arrangement of the wardrobe by answering these questions: why am I arranging it? I'm going also to get rid of some items to give them to those who need them? By what criteria do I want to classify them, by color or by purpose of use?

In general we try to think about how often we put on a dress or a pair of shoes to put it in a comfortable place. Let's make a list of the types of dresses that we have in the closet and then we put into practice. Now comes the best part: we empty the wardrobe onto the bed, we create useful chaos for radically tidying up. Now let's divide all the clothes that have sprung up into three major macro categories: clothes to keep, clothes not to keep, and those on which judgment is suspended.

We can arrange the former as explained in the previous paragraph. The last ones should be placed in a large box or drawer and left to rest until we understand what we want to do with them. Often it oscillates between the nostalgia of the moments when we wore them, long ago, and the desire to do a clean sweep. The clothes not to be kept are to be worn by one of the many associations that distribute them to the population. There are usually local ones, particularly active.

Accessories for arranging the wardrobe

There are some objects made especially for those who need to tidy up and save some space, even if we then have the habit of occupying it immediately. Let's start from separator for cloth cabinets, column. There are different shapes and sizes, a classic is this, vertical and not too wide.

For shoes, if we don't have cartons to make room for accessories, we can buy these convenient boxes, always in cardboard, perfect for the use we have to make of it, suitable for both shoes not too bulky, both for storing accessories such as belts, small handbags, scarves and foulards. Or underwear, if not slightly neglected but useful T-shirts for when you are at home or go out for a walk

Multipurpose is finally the tie rack, this particular hanger becomes very convenient for hanging other accessories in the "crowd" of clothes in front of us. With your imagination and with what you have at home, you can create much more and get a tidy and personalized wardrobe following our needs, it is a great way to not throw away still useful objects and reduce the waste bin produced at home.

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