A little peace for the Wind Giant

There was talk of "wind turbine syndrome", Disfigurement of the landscape, impact on birds, problems of disposal of turbines disused ... in short, the scenario that surrounds the sector ofwind energy not the best. Finally, a new study has impartially analyzed the efficiency and reliability of wind farms and found that most of the criticisms are unfounded and only exploited for political reasons. The criticisms on which the study focused concern the potential inefficiency and unreliability of wind turbines and the potential negative impact it could have on the British electricity grid.

The hypothesis of an anti-wind conspiracy had already been advanced. Today, a study conducted byIPPR, concluded that "there are no technical reasons to prevent the development of wind sector“, there is no tangible evidence to support the most common criticisms leveled against the "Giant of the Wind". L'wind power it is reliable and efficient.

Reg Platt, representative ofIPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research), said it was necessary to analyze costs and issues related to the sector wind power. Thus the studies conducted have shown "unequivocally that wind energy can significantly reduce the CO2 emissions without threatening energy security or reliability " L'wind energy would be able to provide significant help to the UK electricity situation while maintaining minimal impact on the current operation of the Grid.

The most common criticisms are not supported by evidence, according to Platt himself, stating that the study was also examined by Nick Jenkis, the coordinator of the Institute of Energy at Cardiff University.

L'wind power not only would it be safe but also advantageous: every megawatt-hour of electricity produced by the turbines resulted in savings of harmful emissions of at least 350 kg. Thus, only in 2011, the growing number of offshore wind farms of the United Kingdom, saved CO2 emissions totaling 5.5 million tonnes.

The analysis conducted by the IPPR focused on the criticisms of those who defined thewind power an inefficient and unreliable source. The report has made the happiness of numerous industry associations operating in the United Kingdom, according to these associations wind power could create 76,000 jobs by 2021 and generate 700,000 pounds for every MW of installed capacity.

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