How to separate waste

Learn how to separate waste correctly it is a good habit that all of us should have even if often the rules to be respected are not at all simple also because they vary in relation to the municipality to which they belong.

A first solution to avoid making mistakes is to contact the Administrator of your condominium or, alternatively, directly to the body appointed by your Municipality of residence to separate waste collection.

AMSA, the entity in charge of separate waste collection for the Municipality of Milan, has created a website entirely dedicated to explaining how to differentiate waste: it's called

A similar website has been created by the Municipality of Rome with

If your municipality of residence has not created a similar website and you have a Smartphone with an Android operating system, technology will come to your aid thanks to the application developed by Francesco Cucari, an enterprising eighteen year old who has developed a guide that will allow you to know how to correctly differentiate 800 types of waste, based on your municipality of belonging.

Similar application to know how to separate waste is available for iPhone, thanks to Officine Digitali: it is called "il Rifiutologo" and is available for free in the Apple Store.

For some specific types of waste we recommend that you read the articles we have written specifically:

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We just have to wish "Happy recycling to all" from the IdeeGreen staff! :-)

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