2012, the year of wind energy?

L'wind energy it is renewable, sustainable and low cost. The industry has improved the performance of turbines and blades, wind technology will continue to improve becoming more and more convenient for the economy and the environment. Long-term projects see thewind energy alongside solar power in a scenario where coal-fired power plants will gradually decrease. Solar energy finds a wider application, in fact, to take advantage of the sun's rays, a simple plan such as the roof of a building can be, for wind turbines the issue is more complex, large plants are needed to house enormous turbines and blades.

After hydroelectric energy, wind power is the renewable energy source cheaper; Unfortunately, the wind tends to be very strong twice a day, causing power peaks that do not match the demand diagram, in other words the population's energy needs peaks when the wind power is minimal. Unlike wind power, solar energy is among the most expensive not only in terms of dollars per watt produced: solar energy costs 12, 16 cents per kilowatt hour, an average cost but if you think that every solar park has been built using public subsidies, certainly a renewable sector cannot be based on continuous subsidies. An efficient coal plant can produce energy for 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour, a nuclear power plant increases to 4-6 cents per kWh. L'wind energy is a valid alternative, in this sector every kilowatt hour can be paid from 5 to 7 cents, about half the cost of energy produced with solar and unlike nuclear and coal power plants, represents a source of clean energy and renewable.

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